Muslim mobs in India

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    Don't be surprised. Pappu's party INC is with them from the top down. Just have a look at the following video. Tune to 00:26.

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    Religion killed Ramalingam: Immoral, unfair, biased media whitewashed the cause of murder

    By Team MyNation
    First Published 7, Feb 2019, 1:09 PM IST

    Tamil Nadu's Ramalingam was attacked apparently because he had tried to prevent a few Muslims who were trying to convert the Dalits in the village. A video, that has now gone viral on social media, has Ramalingam arguing with the Muslims and trying to tell them that they were causing religious chaos in an otherwise harmonious area. Ramalingam was murdered in Thirubuvanam, a small town known for silk saris near Kumbakonam

    "Catering contractor hacked to death in Tamil Nadu"

    "Tension prevails in Thirubuvanam after murder of former PMK functionary"

    "Murder of PMK man near Kumbakonam sparks tension"

    "PMK man murdered in Kumbakonam, heavy police deployed fearing communal tension"

    These are samples of headlines from the mainstream media of a murder in Thirubuvanam, a small town known for silk saris near Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu, on Wednesday.

    Also read: PMK man hacked to death in Kumbakonam

    News headlines are supposed to enlighten and inform, but here, alas, they have done the opposite. They obfuscate and hide, thereby setting a false and flawed narrative.

    For, the real story is: Muslims suspected to be behind man's murder for thwarting conversion bid.

    Here is the background. The victim, the 42-year-old V Ramalingam, was killed on Muslim Street in Thirubuvanam by a gang wielding sharp weapons. The murderous men mercilessly attacked Ramalingam with long knives and sickles and he suffered fatal cuts and injuries. A profusely bleeding Ramalingam was declared dead on arrival at the hospital. The deep cuts and lesions on his body tell a tale of absolute brutality.

    Ramalingam was attacked apparently because he had tried to prevent a few Muslims who were trying to convert the Dalits in the village. A video, that has now gone viral on social media, has Ramalingam arguing with the Muslims and trying to tell them that they were causing religious chaos in an otherwise harmonious area.

    Ramalingam, in the video, tells the Muslims that he can get them houses for rent in his locality, whereas can they (Muslims) get him a house for rent in their area? At one point, he takes out the cap of a Muslim and wears it, saying he has no problem with it. Ramalingam then goes on to smear holy ash on a Muslim man's forehead, who immediately erases it.

    Ramalingam also tells the Muslims that he doesn't mind eating the food they give him after their worship. "Will you guys eat the food we give after our prayers?"

    Surely, it is no coincidence that Ramalingam was heinously bumped off after this incident. Investigating police officers confirm that prima facie the murder of Ramalingam was due to the fracas with the Muslims.

    Now, go back to the headlines cited above. The murder has no bearing on Ramalingam being a Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) functionary nor is his profession of being a caterer a clincher in the case. His being referred to as a PMK man or a caterer is a cruel obfuscation. He was killed because he was Ramalingam, a Hindu.

    Worse, there is no mention of who committed the crime. Okay, the case is being investigated. But the police themselves have officially said that the local Muslims were suspected to be behind the crime. So why sheepishly hide it? If not for the viral video, the news outlets would hide behind the inelegant euphemism: "members of a minority community are suspected to be behind the incident."

    It is understandable, and even recommended, for news outlets to play safe and not trigger communal passions. Sensational and screaming titles can lead to that. But in this case, the unseemly urge to push the truth under the carpet is what is making people see red. For, the events leading up to the murder has already been captured in video and has become viral on social media platforms. So, to play coy is now silly, stupid, and dare we say, irresponsible. It gives room to conspiracy theories.

    Because, at the other end of the spectrum, the crimes of Hindu right-wing seem amplified disproportionately. In a sense, it is silly and shameful to be talking of these things as if these are competitive events.

    But when one set of events are seen to be played up while another bunch of similar occurrences are reported in a decidedly low-key manner, people become suspicious of regular media. The rise of social media news sources — most of them unreliable and dubious — are a direct result of the news media going about its work in an evidently lopsided manner.

    The rise of right-wing politics, where Hindus rightly or wrongly feel victimised, can be also argued to be an upshot of this tendency of mainstream media outlets to play favourites. Media responsibility is about being seen to be fair to all. The scales of news reporting should not tilt one way or the other.

    In Ramalingam's unfortunate murder, mainstream media has been neither responsible nor fair.
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    This is getting much heat on Twitter but sadly no major media house is reporting it.
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    Large Numbers of Local Muslims (200 Bearded Men, 70 Hijabi Women) clapped and cheered for the Five Smiling Jihadis when they were produced in Thanjavur court yesterday for murdering our Hindu hero Ramalingam

    Muslim Jamaath will bear all the legal and family expenses of arrested Jihadis with donations pouring in from local Muslims within Tamil Nadu and from Muslim NRIs (working in Gulf countries). A Viral Fundraising Campaign on the Letterhead of the local Muslim Jamaath is being circulated to all Muslims on social media for this purpose.

    *How our Hindu braveheart Ramalingam was Murdered by Muslims on 6th February, 2019 in Tamil Nadu*

    Hindu Hero Ramalingam was brutally murdered by Jihadis in front of his 17-year old Son. Both his hands were chopped off with machetes by Muslims.


    48-year-old Ramalingam from Thoondil Vinayagampettai at Tirubhuvanam was a catering contractor and had been engaged in the business of renting out utensils and shamiana tents for weddings. His establishment was located at Tirubhuvanam.

    Before he was Murdered by Muslims, our valiant hero Ramalingam had singlehandedly challenged and foiled the Islamic Jihadis who were trying to convert Dalit Hindus in Thirubhuvanam, near the temple town of Kumbakonam, in Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu.

    According to police sources, on Tuesday morning, Ramalingam went to Bhagyanathan Thoppu, a Hindu area, to mobilise some workers for a function for which his catering firm had undertaken a contract.

    Ramalingam, who was coincidentally present at that locality, noticed a group of Jihadi Muslim men, including one Rasudeen, belonging to the radical Islamic organisation Popular Front of India (PFI) , who were proselytising aggressively to the local Hindus in that locality.

    Ramalingam entered into an argument with them. A video clip, that has gone viral on social media, shows Ramalingam resisting the proselytising efforts of a Muslim man at Bhagyanathan Thoppu.

    In the video, Ramalingam is pointing out how it is impossible for Hindu community members to buy any land in Muslim dominated areas. He also pointed out how Hindus were willing to participate in Muslim events but faced lack of reciprocity. He also requested the Muslim activists to refrain from aggressive preaching in Hindu locality.

    Ramalingam was seen politely debating with the Muslims and trying to tell them that they were causing religious chaos in an otherwise harmonious area.

    Ramalingam, in the video, tells the Muslims that he can get them houses for rent in his locality, whereas can they (Muslims) get him a house for rent in their area?

    At one point, he takes out the cap of a Muslim and wears it, saying he has no problem with it. Ramalingam then goes on to smear holy ash on a Muslim man's forehead, who immediately erases it.

    Ramalingam also tells the Muslims that he doesn't mind eating the food they give him after their worship. "Will you guys eat the food we give after our prayers?"

    In the video, Ramalingam is seen reasoning with this group of Islamists, telling them not to indulge in conversions of Hindus. “Hindus are not anti-anybody. We worship our Hindu Gods, you worship your Allah. Why are all of you Muslims keen on wiping out our Hinduism? You are Terrorists.”

    Soon afterwards, the Muslims dispersed and plotted their revenge.

    These Muslim murderers proved his last words to be right. They surrounded and butchered him ISIS-style. This unarmed, outspoken Hindu was slaughtered for defending Hindus against Islamic conversions.

    On Tuesday (Feb 7) night, after finishing work, Ramalingam was going home from Chettimandapam, in his mini-load van, accompanied by his 17-year-old son.

    When his vehicle was passing through Muslim Street - a locality dominated by Muslim community in Tirubhuvanam, it was blocked by a car.

    After blocking the road with their car, four Muslim Jihadis forcibly stopped Ramalingam’s vehicle & took out the keys.

    The Muslim murderers had kept red hot chilli powder mixed with liquor ready and they poured it on Ramalingam’s face.

    As Ramalingam collapsed in agony, they chopped off his one hand & proceeded to stab Ramalingam’s son.

    In his last move, Ramalingam saved his son’s life by raising his other hand to block the machete blows and getting his other hand chopped off.

    As people started coming out after hearing the screams of the victims, the 4 Islamic murderers escaped in their car.

    This has been narrated by deceased Ramalingam’s son.

    Ramalingam, who was grievously injured and bleeding profusely, was rushed to the Kumbakonam government hospital. He was reportedly referred to Thanjavur Medical College Hospital where he was declared brought dead.

    Police officials confirmed that five Muslims had been arrested in connection with the case: Mohammad Azaruddin, Mohamma Riaz, Nizam Ali, Sarbuddin and Mohammad Riaz. The Superintendent of Police of Thanjavur, Maheshwaran, told TNM that Nizam was seen in the video and he was a member of the Popular Front of India (PFI).

    Large Numbers of Muslims clapped and cheered for the Five Smiling Jihadis when they were produced in Thanjavur court today for murdering our Hindu hero Ramalingam

    Muslim Jamaath will bear all the legal and family expenses of arrested Jihadis with donations pouring in from local Muslims within Tamil Nadu and from Muslim NRIs (working in Gulf countries)
    Has any National media gave coverage for this? #JusticeForRamalingam
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    How many riots in Gujarat since 2003? Zero. Never forget
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    A link to a donation page for Ramalingam's family.

    Please help however you can.
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    Forgive me if I have already posted it.

    Ground Report: Why The Latest Communal Clash In Agra’s Mantola Could Further Drive Hindus Out
    by Swati Goel Sharma - Feb 08, 2019, 2:19 pm
    1.6 KSHARES
    [​IMG]A view of Teela Nandgram in Mantola locality

    • In Mantola, the minority Hindus lack in resources and live in fear.

    What happened in Agra's Mantola locality this week is what is commonly described as a 'petty' communal clash.

    After a Dalit Hindu man was pushed by a group of Muslim men, the two sides indulged in stone-pelting. The Muslim side allegedly threw glass bottles filled with acid and opened fire. No casualty was reported but several people from the Hindu side were injured and hospitalised.

    Still, as communal clashes in Uttar Pradesh go, it was a petty incident.

    Except that this was an addition to a series of violent communal clashes in the locality and could trigger another round of migration by Hindu families. Mantola has never made headlines the way Kairana has, but Hindu organisations and locals have long been raising concerns of "Hindu exodus" from this Muslim-majority locality.

    What happened on Sunday

    Less than five kilometres from the Taj Mahal, the congested Mantola locality in south Agra is marked by rows and rows of shoe factories and workshops and retail units. Most factories are owned by Muslims while the labour comprise mostly of Dalit Hindus.

    [​IMG](Left) Arun and his uncle Premchand near their house in Teela Nadgram on 6 February

    The Mantola police call it a communally-sensitive area as it flares up frequently.

    An everyday issue here, however, is non-availability of clean drinking water given the large number of factories and illegal slaughterhouses that have polluted ground water. Hindu residents of Teela Nandgram colony depend on an RO (reverse osmosis) plant in the adjoining Munda Pada colony that is inhabited by Muslims.

    On 3 February (Sunday) around 8 pm, Pramod Kumar was returning after fetching water from the RO plant when a group of Muslim men caused him to trip and fall.

    "They did it intentionally. They always stand in groups and tease us whenever we go into their colony," Kumar, who works in a shoe factory, told Swarajya.

    Pramod said he fell down, wounded his head and and let out some expletives. He then returned home (hardly 20 metres from the spot) and asked his elder brothers Arun and Anil to accompany him to confront the group.

    As per the brothers, the Muslim group had by then been joined by scores of fellow community members who launched an attack on their houses. "They started throwing stones and bricks and even fired gunshots. They threw bottles filled with acid from their terrace," said Arun.

    Three houses in a row, all belonging to the brothers, were attacked. When Swarajya visited the site on Wednesday (6 February), they showed us the bullet marks on the walls, and glass bottles that were still lying on their terrace.

    [​IMG]The three houses (right) were allegedly attacked, all belonging to one family

    “We scurried inside our houses. Some of us went to our neighbours’ to hide and save our lives,” Arun’s sister said.

    Arun is left with a fractured foot, while his 62-year-old aunt Chandra Devi is recovering in a hospital in New Delhi.

    Chandra Devi's husband Premchand told Swarajya, "A heavy brick hit her on the chest. Our son Vinod also sustained a fracture while trying to save his mother. I sent them to Delhi."

    Pramesh Singh Maurya, a relative of Premchand, said he called up the police who arrived in about half-an-hour. "By then, 12 of our people had been injured, including a three-year-old child.”

    The victims, however, did not file a police case. Pramod said they were too busy getting treated for their injuries.

    Sub-inspector Veer Singh Yadav filed a first information report (FIR) and booked 50-60 unidentified men under sections 147, 148, 149, 307, 336, 504 of IPC and 7 of Criminal Law Amendment Act. The FIR (accessed by Swarajya) says the police recovered two bullets, .315 bore, two cartridges and shards of glass from the spot.

    Until Wednesday, the police had not made any arrests. "Investigation is on. So far, about 25 names have come to light,” sub-inspector Chandra Shekhar Gautam from Mantola police station told Swarajya.

    [​IMG]Left, bullet marks on the wall of Arun’s house. Right, bottles that he says were filled with acid still lie on the terrace.

    Some reports had said that the Hindu side also grouped and indulged in pelting stones on the other side. The victims, however, deny this. "We acted only in self-defence. How could unarmed people like us fight those with pistols and bullets?" said Pramod.

    Pramod identified the alleged attackers with names but refused to take this correspondent to their houses. Arun said he was scared that the police might pick them up as accused based on "false statement by the other side". "Our sister's wedding is in April. Who will do the preparations if they come after us?" he said.

    The "other side", that is the residents of the Mulla Pada colony, did not speak much on the matter when Swarajya approached them.

    Aakil Qureshi, who owns the RO plant, said he did not witness the incident but was sure that no gunshots had been fired. Mohammad Shamyuddin, an electrician, said that most residents had gone to a kabristan as a five-year-old girl in the colony had passed away, and thus there were hardly any witnesses. Haji Yusuf, a resident, said that Pramod might have been drunk and tripped on his own. Haji Sanu, who owns a shoe factory, said that such incidents keep happening in the area as "people are often drunk and abuse each other”. He said that bottles and bricks are thrown from both sides in such clashes.

    [​IMG]Left, Aakil Qureshi who owns the RO plant. Right, Haji Sanu. Both are residents of Mulla Pada

    The residents said they did not know the names of the accused as alleged by Pramod and Arun.

    Qureshi added, "It was a petty incident. We all live peacefully here."

    "They Want To Drive Us Out"

    The Hindu side deny it was a petty incident. "They fired bullets at us so their intention was obviously to kill," said Pramesh Singh.

    The Hindus, most of them from the Jaatav caste, said the Sunday violence was essentially a "palayan ka maamla" ("a case of exodus").

    For several years now, the Hindu residents have been saying that they are being driven out "in a systematic way" by their wealthy and powerful Muslim neighbours. In 2016, over 60 Hindu residents protested outsidethe district magistrate’s office alleging that Muslims are constantly harassing Hindus in a bid to “take over” the area.

    As per Rajesh Chowdhary, a resident, there were about 400 Hindu families in the locality some 20 years ago that have now reduced to just about 100, who now live amid some 500 Muslim families. "In 20 years, at least 14-15 clashes have happened. Hindus bear the brunt so we just keep migrating out after selling our houses to Muslims," he said.

    In the 2016 protest, the residents even demanded that no Hindu house should be sold to a Muslim family without the DM’s approval.

    [​IMG]A view of Mulla Pada colony

    A year before the protest, a local Bajrang Dal leader was gunned down, causing communal tension. Arun Mahor was a Dalit Hindu who had shifted out of this locality some years earlier. After the gruesome killing, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal handed a list to the police of families who they claimed had migrated out of fear of Muslim community.

    “Violence is a strategy to drive us out. Else why would they open fire over such a petty issue?" asked Pramesh. "It's because they want to take over this entire locality,” he said.

    The residents have expressed this fear before, and now they are expressing it again.

    Poonam Devi, a resident, said that two of his three sons have left the colony after repeated violence. She said that residents of Mulla Pada insult them using casteist slurs and harass girls who pass by their colony to reach school. “They are rich and we are poor. So they easily dominate us,” another woman said.

    "The Hindu families have been continuously leaving since Basheer kaand," Chowdhary said.

    In October 2003, Mantola saw one of its bloodiest clashes involving local politician Choudhry Basheer. After he deflected from Bahujan Samaj Party to Samajwadi party, supporters of both sides clashed and Mantola burnt for several days. Hindus found themselves to be at the receiving end of the indiscriminate stone-pelting and firing.

    Residents said most victim families have moved out. A woman told Swarajya that her son was fired at when he was at home and even after so many years, he has not fully recovered.

    Clashes also occurred in 2015 after pieces of meat were thrown at a Ganpati procession, and in 2017 when a Muslim man named Nasir beat up a Hindu man named Dheeraj.

    Hindus say they live in fear. In 2014, when an alleged 'ghar wapsi' of around 60 Muslims was reported from an Agra slum, Muslims leaders gathered in Mantola and delivered inflammatory speeches, threatening large-scale violence.

    [​IMG](Right) Shivcharan. (Left) A newspaper report of 2011 showing his house up in flames

    Shivcharan lives in the colony connecting Teela Nandgram to the main road. His house was set on fire in 2011 by a Muslim mob over what he says was a petty dispute. Shivcharan had beaten up a Muslim bike rider after he was hit by his vehicle (read the 2011 report here).

    "A man named Saliuddin Qureshi, who had nothing to do with the dispute, stood here and asked the crowd to burn down my house. I am still fighting the case in court," he told Swarajya bitterly.

    Shivcharan says his house was targetted without any provocation with the sole motive of driving him out. "We are the only two Hindu families in this colony. The Muslims want us out so that this entire colony become theirs. As you can see, a large mosque is coming up at the exit," he said. "They have been doing everything from offering us money to putting all kinds of pressures.”

    Shivcharan said he does not want to leave. Residents of Teela Nadgram don't want him gone either.

    "If Shivcharan leaves, we'll be surrounded by Muslim colonies on all three sides. And then, we will have no option but to leave too,” said Arun.

    A closer look at the situation in Mantola throws up a case study in changing demographics of an area. It also shows that what we commonly understand of majority-minority equations for the country as a whole may not be true for individual states, villages and even tiny localities.

    In Mantola, the minority Hindus - who otherwise form the majority in India - lack in resources and live in fear.

    Swati Goel Sharma is a senior editor at Swarajya. She tweets at @swati_gs.
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    Yatra Tatra
    And this happening right under CM Yogi who is supposed to be most proactive hindu leader ... what to talk about other places?
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    Taslima Nasreen Also Seeks Burqa Ban But Not Over Security, Says 'it Might Not Stop Terrorism But It Will Stop Women From Being Faceless Zombies'

    • Taslima Nasreen has opined on Shiv Sena's demand for ban on burqa in the country
    • She posted a series of tweets wherein she has supported the call for burqa saying that 'it will stop women from being faceless zombies'
    Author-in-exile Taslima Nasreen has opined on Shiv Sena's demand for ban on burqa in the country. Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, Taslima Nasreen posted a series of tweets wherein she has supported the call for burqa saying that 'it will stop women from being faceless zombies', however, not over the security concerns.

    In the first tweet, she has exclaimed that the burqa ban might "not stop terrorism", but it will stop women from being "faceless zombies".

    People are saying banning the burqa won’t stop terrorism. I agree, it won't stop terrorism but it will definitely stop women from being faceless zombies.

    — taslima nasreen (@taslimanasreen) May 1, 2019
    Quoting the holy Quran in the second tweet, the author has hit back at those saying that banning burqa is against freedom of religious freedom., asserting that nobody should have the right to enjoy religious freedom by harming others.

    People are saying banning burqa is against religious freedom. Then banning murder is also against religious freedom. Holy Quran (9:123, 2:191,9:5) asks believers to kill people who don't believe in Islam. Nobody should have the right to enjoy religious freedom by harming others.

    — taslima nasreen (@taslimanasreen) May 1, 2019

    Shiv Sena on Wednesday demanded Prime Minister Narendra Modi to ban burqa across the country, extending support to the decision taken by Sri Lankan government to ban all face coverings in the island nation in the aftermath of the serial blasts that killed over 250 people.

    In an article in its mouthpiece Saamna on Wednesday, the Shiv Sena asserted its ally to BJP-led government to follow the footsteps of Sri Lanka and ban the burqa in India. Shiv Sena has asked PM Modi that if Sri Lanka, which is the country of Raavan, can ban burqa, then why can't India, which is the country of Lord Ram, implement the same in the country.

    Earlier on April 30, fringe group Hindu Sena's chief Vishnu Gupta wrote to Home Secretary of India Rajiv Gauba requesting the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) to impose a 'complete ban of Niqab and Burkas in public places', among other extreme acts.

    On Monday, Sri Lanka banned all facial coverings in public places releasing a press release:

    "President Maithripala Sirisena took this decision to further support the ongoing security and help the armed forces to easily identify the identity of any wanted perpetrators," according to a press note from the Sri Lankan president's office."
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    What will happen if all Indian Muslims boycott India and start asking for a separate state?

    There are certain key differences, between 1947 and now

    Dr.Ambedkar in fact supported Partition to get rid of most Muslims in the army - he said - A safe Army ( no muslims ) is better than a safe border ( Hindu Kush ) mountains

    In 1947, in Undivided India, Muslims were 35% of the Army ( now 2% ) and 50% of the Police ( now 3% outside Jammu-Kashmir ) ;

    Muslims were also Majority in Punjab, Bengal, Sindh, NWFP ,and ruling elite in Hyderabad State

    The Indian deep state, since 1947, has been planning for this eventuality / contingency - For example Gurkha troops from Nepal are under contract to Indian army to fight Pakistan, China AND Indian muslim rioters

    The Indian army is 1 million, assume most are tied up on Pakistan, China Border ;

    Indian army also has a reservist system, there are an extra 1 million older soldiers, 40–50, who can be called up for Internal rebellions

    There are 1 million Central Police Forces, like CRPF , BSF , Assam Rifles etc ,

    In addition, each state has armed Police, about 100k , such as PAC of Uttar Pradesh, which has eagerly shot muslim rioters

    In addition regular police of 1 million,

    So far, due to vote-bank considerations, Indian police has been restrained against low level muslim rioting / thuggery ; this will now come to an end, as within 10 years, BJP will be ruling all mainland Indian states , except Kerala and Tamil Nadu ( allied with ADMK ) ; Look at Uttar Pradesh, of police under Mulayam vs Yogi

    Any internal Indian muslim jihad, can and will be handled by CRPF types and Indian army reservists, just like they deal with Naxals

    In addition, Hindu civilians will be armed by the Indian army, this was done in Hill regions of Jammu , by General Bakshi, to prevent them from being ethnic cleansed, like the Kashmiri Pandits

    Muslims in India are not uniformly spread out, they are geographically concentrated , in 10% of Indian area ; North Kerala, Assam, West Bengal, North east Bihar, West UP , Rohilkhand, Mewat ( Haryana ), Hyderabad City , etc

    Because Muslims live in concentrated ghetto pockets, the State has options like blockade, to cut off food, water, electricity

    Muslims in Kashmir are in fact trying to secede for the last 30 years, there used to be 50000 jihadists, now down to just 500 armed Jihadis ; and rest of India is undisturbed ; Most of Indian army in Kashmir is on the Pakistan-China border, and most of the anti-Jihad is done by Paramilitaries ; India fought and won Kargil war , despite Kashmir Jihad

    Kashmir muslims are 5% of Indian muslims , even a 10X larger effort will fail

    In 1966, when India was much poorer and weaker , The Mizoram Christians tried to Secede, Indira Gandhi used the Airforce to bomb Mizo towns and put them all into Concentration camps for some years ; Assad despite being minority sect in Syria has won by using Airforce ; So far Airforce has not yet been used in Kashmir , but if the situation gets worse, it will be used again, as needed, not just in Kashmir but on Muslim ghettos ( like Indira Gandhi did in Mizoram )

    Some think by waving AK-47, a Jihad can be won against the Indian state, The Indian state has tanks, artillery , airforce, missiles ; Indian defence budget is 10X that of Pakistan , and Pakistan despite its Army, nukes, will never invade India ; Pakistan is also bankrupt and now selling their women as brides to kafir chinese men

    In 1948, Hyderabad Nizam had 2 lac armed Razakars, who got defeated in 5 days by 45000 Indian army troops using tanks and planes

    As far as international reaction, due to rising Muslim %, I expect western Europe to go into civil war in 20 years, and whatever methods they use against their internal muslims , will become internationally acceptable to use

    How about the Oil weapon ; India is diversified, just 50% of its oil comes from OIC countries ; there are other options like Russia, Venezuela, Angola etc ; The Oil Sheiks are practical people , they consider south Asian muslims as miskeen, lowly

    How about Gulf Jobs ; Indian economy , now gets just 20% of foreign exchange from gulf remittances ;

    I also will expect Indian state to use Shia muslims vs Sunni muslims

    **Added later, for Hindus in the meantime, produce a minimum of 3–4 kids to counter-act islamic demographic womb jihad and also vote out secular parties and vote in BJP, so that a Yogi type administration can start enforcing the existing laws inside the 1000s of mini-pakistan tumors inside India

    ***Also, this is inevitable, when Gandhi and Nehru refused to do complete population exchange demanded by Ambedkar, Ambedkar predicted that this would happen again

    **In 1947, despite Hindu saints like Gandhi and pro-Muslim ultra-secularists like Nehru, muslims demanded partition , so they will try again as soon as they collect enough babies and weapons, no matter how much you appease them

    **Very very important, the center of future Partition efforts will be led by islamic gangsters / underworld / mafia - hence important to pre-emptively encounter them and attempt to secure rule of law over Muslim ghettos

    *** There is a non-violent option, in 1947, Partition got rid of 65% of Indian muslims, we can hand over Assam, West Bengal, Kerala and Kashmir valley to muslims and reduce muslims by 35% in residual India - this option is for Gandhists and those Hindus who refuse to have 3–4 kids to dilute islam %

    Article taken from Quora. I am not OP.
    @SREEKAR @Sandeep0159 @vampyrbladez @indiatester
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    Civil war is inevitable in India ,no matter what ,and it's not just about Muslims ,the caste divide is a very serious factor ,people in Delhi NCR don't like gujjars because they gang up on people on little things and are mostly uneducated ,a taste of what majority caste could do came in form of jat riots in which only a very small percentage of jats participated and made the whole state hostage ,there is a never ending taunting and humiliation of lower castes ,it's like this if you can't win an argument just throw casteist slurs ,this has caused many brutal fights but in the end the low caste people are ganged up on and are persecuted Now, It's like this elitists, seculars ,Muslims , wannabe Hindus( who give gyan of no discrimination but themselves adhere to caste system seriously) ,extremist Hindus and normal Hindus add in commies and regional divide plus foreign hand and civil war is inevitable .
    As population increases resources become scarce , we will need to either expand our geography or fight among ourselves for resources.
    Humans are social animals and will always identify with a group , first maybe religion ,then caste, region etc That's how it will play out .
    Bloodshed is inevitable .
    This is just my opinion.
    Also I doubt your numbers and percentage as after partition India had still more number of Muslims than Pakistan east and west combined.
  13. tarunraju

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    They'll end up in the sea like the Rohingyas. All 200 million of them.

    The very reason RSS exists is to ensure that if it ever gets to that, Hindus won't get screwed over and lose territory again. Back in 1947 Hindus had no say in the partition.
  14. 12arya

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    RSS and other hindus organizations shud initiative to improve the living conditions of hindus. they shud take interest in preventing caste related violence and educate hindus about the need for unity among us all. if the warrior clans in india of the past like marathas, the rajputs, and the sikhs & those in north east & south had stood together, muzzies wouldn't have gained a foothold. Instead they were too busy fighting each other and backstabbing own kings:frusty:

    caste based reservation needs to go.....all the perks associated with caste need to go.

    govt forms shouldn't have "caste" columns in their forms.

    inter-regional marriages btw pepl of north/east/west/south need to happen in order to truly unite Hindus! but hindu girls r ready to marry muzzies from any where but not a fellow hindu male & vice versa! (i myself is getting proposals from muzzies...even from bangladesh:shock: via matrimony even though i put any region or caste, hindu/sikh & not any religion!)

    if u take ancient India(ramayana/mahabharata), kings made sure to marry princesses from all regions, there by bringing cohesion btw regions & to create more allies. and even caste didn't matter wen it comes women....satyavati, sakuntala, became queens not being royals! i do not know wen this kind of militant regionalism, casteism and geographical hatred btw hindus began.

    our military(even though secular but secularism itself is a hindu concept) is the prime example of a truly unified india. we need to create an alliance with every religion other than muzzies(don't trust xtians though) but who has time to apply all this among civilians! if we don't do some thing very real to protect ourselves we will be run over by muzzies.....

    but we r too busy fighting abt south-north-east west crap and caste hatred.
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    The Moplah Revolt: Separating Fact From Fiction
    by Yadu Vijayakrishnan - Jan 18, 2018, 4:06 pm

    Moplah rebels captured after a battle with British colonial troops, during the 1921 Moplah Uprising.
    • The Moplah revolt or Malabar riots often gets branded as a freedom struggle gone wrong. Far from it, it was a genocide.

      The documentary maker behind the TV programme on the revolt recounts his experience of talking to the victims and learning about the riots.

    In the Indian education system, particularly in Kerala, history teaches the 'Wagon Tragedy' next to the 'Jallianwala Bagh Massacre'. Naturally, one tends to conceive the Wagon Tragedy and its victims as part of the Indian Independence movement. There is no question that the act committed by the British against the Muslim detainees is merciless – squeezing over 90 people into a freight wagon, ultimately suffocating and killing 67 of them. Everyone knows this much of the history but not much about the events that led to this incident. We need a flashback from the Tragedy to know the truth. Those who were bundled into the wagon weren't freedom fighters; they were rioters who brutally murdered thousands of Hindus and displaced tens of thousands in the Malabar region of Keral

    When I joined Janam TV, a Malayalam TV channel, I was assigned to direct a documentary series on various historic events. The first one was the 'Malabar Riots', also known as the 'Moplah Revolt' in Kerala. By the time I joined the TV channel, K P Kailasnath, a journalist, with the help of Vinod A of Vidyabhyasa Samrakshana Samiti and Tirur Dinesh of Oral History Research Foundation, did most of the research and interviewed the subjects in Malappuram district. I was given these interviews and tasked with making a four-episode documentary series on the subject. I did my research and interviewed some politicians as well. I believe that it might be the first time in Malayalam television history that the true story of the Malabar riots was being showed.

    Going through the history and each of the events that occurred from August to November in 1921 is beyond the scope of this article. Although the first riot ensued in August 1921, the entire sequence of the history can be traced back to the Khilafat Movement and the final years of the First World War, when the Khalif of the Ottoman Empire was dethroned by the British. Here, I will put forward some personal accounts of the descendants of those who suffered during the Malabar riots rather than explain the whole history.

    It was a four-month period in the Malabar region of Kerala when Muslim rioters conducted mass genocide against Hindus. What supposedly started as a freedom revolt against the British, ended up being an excuse to wipe out the Hindu population of northern Kerala.

    The Malabar riots are seen differently by different people.

    1. The Malabar riots as the Malabar rebellion, an Indian Independence movement against British colonialism. This is backed by most politicians.

    2. The Malabar riots as an agricultural revolution aimed at dismantling the feudal landlords and establishing an egalitarian society. Some leftist historians and communist politicians introduced this theory.

    3. The Malabar riots as a genocide against Hindus. The people who actually survived the ordeal will accept nothing other than this description of the incident. Although the Hindu community at that time in Kerala had caste system as a predicament, the Mappila rioters showed no such discrimination in murdering them. Any Hindu, be a feudal landlord or a labourer on the field, fell victim to the swords of the Mappilas. However, Mappilas didn't kill them in an instant. They would ask if the person at the edge of sword was willing to convert to Islam. Mappilas didn’t take 'no' for an answer; they would slice the throat of the victim at that very moment.

    During the production of the documentary, I chose to interview Aryadan Mohammad, a senior politician of the Congress party. He was a minister at the time. What caught my attention is that in a press conference that same year (2014), he admitted that his forefathers were Hindus. I knew I would get authoritative answers from him instead of the usual rhetoric of common politicians. Unlike other politicians from the Congress party these days, he talked in a straightforward fashion without any intention to please anyone. He said, “Even though the initial idea of Khilafat Movement was to fight against British colonialism in India, what happened in Malabar riots was a catastrophe. Acts like attacking Hindus, invading and claiming their lands, robbing their properties, forced religious conversions were part of the riots. Such assaults against Hindus forced them to flee from their homelands. It is a fact that Hindus were harmed and tortured at that time and nobody should disagree with this fact!”

    [​IMG] Aryadan Mohammad, a senior politician of the Congress party, admitted in a press conference in 2014 that his forefathers were Hindus.

    During our research, we found some other details of aggression executed by the Mappilas. The rioters were grouped according to their duties. While one group murdered, the other group robbed; some would set houses on fire after the attack. On 9 November 1921, in a place called Vallikunnu, the Mappilas burnt around a hundred houses of Hindus. The bodies of Hindu men and children were dumped in the river. A journalist at the time said an honest source told him that he saw a dead body of a six-month-pregnant Hindu woman. Her stomach was hacked in such a way that the dead fetus lied outside her body.

    A P Namboodiri shared with this author the hardships his family faced during this period. It was a common practice of the Mappilas to ask for alms from Hindu households and the Hindus would donate grains and utensils to them. Yet, Namboodiri's grandfather got suspicious as the Mappilas started asking for tools for cutting and sawing. Anyway, he would donate whatever the Mappilas asked for.

    [​IMG] A P Namboodiri shared with this author the hardships his family faced during the Malabar riots.

    One day, the Mappilas arrived and asked for guns. Their request wasn't granted and they had to leave empty handed. Soon, Namboodiri's grandfather heard the news of the riots and that the rioters were approaching their area for murder and robbery. He immediately told his family to leave. The rioters invaded their house soon after and searched everywhere but found no one. On their way back, they saw two of the inmates hiding nearby. The rioters caught hold of them and ordered them to give them the guns. When they refused, the rioters slashed them to death in the backyard of the house. The rioters searched every corner of the house, but they were unable to break open one room. They even used an iron ram to break open the doors of that room but failed. Namboodiri showed us the marks left behind by that impact on the door, which is still in place firmly in his old house.

    C Sankaran Nair, who was the president of Indian National Congress, described the savagery of the Mappilas during the Malabar riots in one of his books. In that book, he writes about an incident where a woman was raped by the Mappila rioters in front of her husband and brother.

    [​IMG] C Sankaran Nair, who was the president of Indian National Congress, described the savagery of the Mappilas in one of his books.

    N C V Namboodiri recalls the experiences of his father. One day, some Muslims from Chengara came to his house and said, “We are going for a war against the British. We need some guns and other weapons. We need some money and grains as well. We will protect you, we are against the British.” Believing this claim, Namboodiri's grandfather handed out guns, grains and Rs 500 to the Mappilas. His grandfather told the rest of the family that they were safe and there was no need to flee as the Mappilas had promised him security. However, at night around 8pm, a group of Muslim agitators arrived at the house and called Namboodiri's grandfather. They said, “We are going for war, we need your auspicious token.” The man of the house replied, “I already gave the token to you.” The Mappilas refused to leave. “No, we are leaving at this moment. We just need your blessings.” When Namboodiri's grandfather told the manager of the house to give Rs 100 to the Mappilas, they said, “We need the money from your hand for auspiciousness.” The innocent Hindu man believed what the Mappila said and came close to them to donate the money. As soon as he appeared in front of them, he was shot with the same gun he had handed to the Mappilas earlier.

    [​IMG] N C V Namboodiri recalls the experiences of his father to this author.

    Hearing the gunshot and the ensuing chaos, the rest of the family members fled. Their house was robbed in their absence. When Namboodiri’s father returned to his house after the riots ended, he saw the degraded body of his father lying there on the ground, bitten and snatched away by the crows.

    The Tuvvur well incident is something which needs as much attention as the Wagon Tragedy. The Muslim rioters confined captured Hindu men and lined them up near a well in a place called Tuvvur. Each one of them was asked whether they were ready to convert to Islam. Those who were not ready to abandon their dharma were decapitated and thrown into the well. Some would survive the initial slicing of the throat, but they had to go through the agony of pain till death inside the dry well. K Madhavan Nair, an Indian National Congress leader who visited the well after six months of the incident, said he saw more than 20 skulls in the well. Natives of the place claim that over 40 people were killed and dumped in the well. Even to this day, people avoid going near the well in the fear of being haunted by the ghosts.

    [​IMG] The Tuvvur well incident is something which needs as much attention as the Wagon Tragedy.

    Squeezing in all the details into a four-episode documentary on the Malabar riots proved to be very difficult for me. We managed to cover just the tip of the iceberg. But, we could definitely come to a conclusion on the matter after our research.

    Let's run through the theories once again and identify the one that stands.

    1. The Malabar riots as the Malabar rebellion, an Indian Independence movement against British colonialism.

    How can that be when the rioters attacked and assaulted Hindu people who had no connection with the British administrators? Mass religious conversions formed the backdrop of the riots as well. Therefore, the Malabar riots can never be an independence movement.

    2. The Malabar riots as an agricultural revolution aimed at dismantling the feudal landlords and establishing an egalitarian society.

    If the Muslim rioters attacked and annexed only the properties of feudal landlords, we could have acknowledged this theory. But, thousands of poor Hindus who were labourers, tenants and craftsmen were brutally murdered, and all Muslim landlords were left alone without any harm. Thus, the theory of agricultural revolution breaks apart.

    This leaves us with only one conclusion for the Malabar riots.

    3. The Malabar riots as a genocide against Hindus.

    The people who actually survived the ordeal will accept nothing other than this description of the incident.

    Yadu Vijayakrishnan is a documentary filmmaker and cinema photographer. He is behind the Malayalam documentary on the Emergency, called ‘21 Months of Hell’, and the four-episode programme on the Malabar riots on Janam TV.
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    The best way to deal with Muslims is to reconvert them to Hinduism. There are many Muslims who know that their forefathers were Hindus. Let us reconvert them. best way to deal with the problem of Muslims is to assimilate them in Virat Hindus. We can create a seperate cast for converted Muslims. Then we should focus on family planning of Muslims and restrict their population bellow 8% in next few years. We must deal with radical Muslims firmly and make sure that they are unable to propagate their radical ideology. We must run a huge propaganda campaign. These are some non violent ways we can adopt to deal with Muslims.
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    IT must be read by all Hindus.

    We have great visionaries like BR Ambedkar,Sardar Vallabhbhai Pateland, Subhash Chandra Bose etc and Crooks like gandi&nehru,these British stooges succeeded in ruling&ruining India almost 60 years with their FAKE stories.:frusty:
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    :facepalm: this is from HC

    Frame Rules For Approving Conversions To Islam Under Shariat Law: Kerala HC To Government

    The Kerala High Court has directed the state government to frame rules and establish an authority to grant approval for conversions to Islam, the Times of India has reported.

    A petition was filed by one Thadevoos alias Abu Talib. The petitioner contended that rules have not been framed for establishing an authority to approve conversions under Muslim Personal Law (Shariat) Application Act, 1937. According to Section 4 of the act, the government may prescribe an authority to approve conversions to Islam.

    The petitioner cited a news report, where there were disputes regarding last rites of a man who had converted to Islam from Christianity. Though he had converted to Islam, there was no proof or record to show the same.

    Interestingly, the act only says that the government 'may' prescribe an authority. However, the court said that the word ‘may’ should be understood as ‘shall’.

    After the counsel appearing for state government assured the court that the rules will be framed within three months, the court disposed the petition directing the government to do the same.
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    Why Dalits Are Prime Targets For Conversion To Islam In Tamil Nadu’s Old Thanjavur Region

    A new Arabic school in the Thanjavur region
    • The brutal murder of Ramalingam in early February was not merely a hate crime triggered by an altercation. The Kumbakonam region in Tamil Nadu has been witness to silent Islamist activities over the past few years.

    The killing of Pattalai Makkal Katchi (PMK) worker Ramalingam by a group of unidentified persons near Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu’s Thanjavur district on 6 February has brought focus on the vulnerability of Scheduled Castes to conversion, particularly to Islam, in the region.

    Ramalingam was killed after he questioned attempts by a group of Muslims to convert people at a colony inhabited by Scheduled Castes at Thirubhuvanam near Kumbakonam.

    Ramalingam’s murder brought the attention to the conversions of SCs to Islam in the Mayiladuthurai-Kumbakonam region, once a part of Tamil Nadu’s old Thanjavur district.

    The district has been bifurcated with the formation of Nagapattinam district. Mayiladuthurai is now part of Nagapattinam district and Kumbakonam is in Thanjavur district. The region is famous for its temples that are now giving way to rise of Muslim ghettos.

    Why are the Scheduled Castes being targeted for conversion? Locals told Swarajya that there are quite a few reasons for this targeted approach.

    First is that Muslim organisations that seek converts face a disadvantage in trying to convert the upper and backward castes. “Christian organisations targeted the upper and backward castes earlier and conversion to Christianity has plateaued,” says Raja (name changed to withhold identity), a youth in Mayiladuthurai.

    This has resulted in the Muslim organisations being unable to target the upper and backward castes, particularly the Vanniyars. “No one can target the Brahmins in this region for conversion. Most of them are pretty strong in Hindu beliefs, customs and traditions,” says a veteran leader who is into protection of temples in Mayiladuthurai.

    This directly opens the door to the Scheduled Castes, who are vulnerable for various reasons. “First, the Muslim organisations approach these Dalits and ask them why they should continue to be Hindus when they are being treated as outcastes,” says Raja.

    That sometimes makes a Scheduled Caste person dither and give in to more propaganda of the Muslim organisations. “Then, these organisations tell them that they will be treated better by Islam as there are no castes in the religion,” says Ravi (name changed), another local.

    Once the targets loosen up and warm up to the organisations, they are given a copy of the Holy Quran.

    Muslims had been brought to the Mayiladuthurai-Kumbakonam region to help rear horses and grow betel leaves for the local chieftains 150 years ago. In the 1970s, with the Gulf nations looking for workers in South Asia, many Muslims families in the region sent one of their members to the Gulf.

    As these members earned handsomely in countries like Saudi Arabia, they began to repatriate money back to their families, which in turn began to take on lease properties in the region. In due course, these families became very affluent.

    “When the Scheduled Castes are approached by the Muslim organisations, they think they too can become as affluent as these families. That sways them to the other side,” says Raja.

    According to locals, Dalits think conversion could perhaps open the door for them to jobs abroad or even in a better place. “Muslims organisations make these assurances to convert the Dalits,” says Raja.

    One of the reasons for the Dalits to look for jobs elsewhere is that the traditional farming families are leaving the delta area as their younger generation is no more interested in agriculture.

    Lack of water and higher cultivation costs are also driving away people from farming. Mechanisation like use of combine harvesters and sowing machines, too, is affecting employment in the region. As a result, the Dalits, most of who have worked as farm hands earlier, are left with nowhere to go.

    (On the other hand, though Muslims buy agricultural land, they don’t cultivate. They lease out their farms to others and get the rent for the land. There are instances where they have bought a property and let it remain without using it.)

    “Conversions happened also because these organisations got money from abroad. No one knows who sent money to who and why but money flowed,” says Narayanan (name changed, who has been living in Mayiladuthurai ever since his birth.

    The inflow of money has now stopped after the government stepped in by implementing the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 2010. But attempts to convert continue as funds are being mobilised internally, says the local veteran.

    “Muslim organisations are looking for hands to implement their plans. They need people to take on people like Ramalingam who oppose conversion. They are looking for ones who can fight their cause and do their bidding like attacking people who they think could harm their operations,” says Ravi.

    Muslims who had been living in the region are not known to be violent. However, with the entry of organisations like the Socialist Democratic Party of India (SDPI), the political arm of the militant Popular Front of India (PFI) that is based in neighbouring Kerala, the approach has now become aggressive.

    In particular, organisations like SDPI require aggressive persons and they see the Scheduled Castes fulfilling the need for that aggressiveness. At least five have been arrested in connection with Ramalingam murder and a couple of them are linked to PFI.

    “These organisations are looking only for people who can do their bidding like indulging in violence. Otherwise, the converts are not treated at par with the traditional Muslims,” says Raja.

    Ravi adds that the traditional Muslims in the region neither give their daughters in wedding to any of the families recently converted to Islam nor do they accept women as brides from the converts’ families.

    In the aftermath of Ramalingam’s murder, actions of Muslim organisations have come under scrutiny. The vulnerability of the depressed classes like Scheduled Castes is being highlighted.

    Those concerned over conversions are looking for ways to tackle this.

    This might include some sort of commercial boycott similar to what happened after a group of Muslims attacked a Ganesh idol procession at Tenkasi in Tirunelveli district. Following the attack, Hindus began boycotting Muslim commercial organisations, which in turn apologised for the attack and reached out to the majority community.
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    Sacrifice Not Forgotten: Over Rs 33 Lakh Raised For Ramalingam’s Family Post His Murder For Opposing Islamist Conversion
    by Swarajya Staff - Feb 12 2019, 4:46 pm,
    Murdered activist Ramalingam (Pic via Twitter)

    A fundraiser set up to contribute to the family of slain activist Ramalingam has received donations of over Rs 33 lakh in just three days.

    Ramalingam is believed to have been murdered by radical Islamists after he fought against their attempts to religiously convert residents of a Hindu Dalit neighbourhood.

    Ramalingam who ran a catering business in Tamil Nadu’s Tirubhuvanam was reportedly passing through a Muslim dominated neighbourhood a day later (7 February) when his van was intercepted by a car.

    A four member gang came out of the car and attacked Ramalingam’s hands with sharp weapons before fleeing. He sadly did not survive the attack.

    A total of eight people have been arrested in connection with the murder, they have been identified as S Nijam Ali, Sarbudeen, Rizwan, Mohamed Azarudeen and Mohamed Raiyaz, Mohammed Toufiq, Mohammed Parvez and Touhid Basha.

    Ramalingam was the sole bread earner for his family and hence a fundraiser sought to raise Rs 10 lakh as immediate support to the family.

    Incidentally, the support from well-wishers was so overwhelming that the target was soon achieved and subsequently revised to Rs 30 lakh. This too was achieved soon thanks to a campaign by various Social Media users and currently the donations stand at Rs 33.73 lakh.

    The fundraiser amount has now been revised to Rs 50 lakh based on requests by various donors.

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