Mush given scotch, cigars to appear in film on Benazir?

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    ISLAMABAD: The makers of an acclaimed documentary on slain Pakistani leader Benazir Bhutto claim they had to resort to "much flattery", a bottle of Chivas and Cuban cigars to get former president Pervez Musharraf to do a short interview for the film.

    "Convincing Benazir's political rival general Pervez Musharraf to appear on film was not easy.
    The effort took a respectful letter, followed by a bottle of Chivas Regal and Cuban cigars delivered to his hotel suite in Philadelphia, where he was speaking on a tour of the US to rehabilitate his image," Duane Baughman and Mark Siegel, the director and producer of the film respectively, wrote in an article.

    "With much flattery and a bit of arm-twisting, we were able to elicit a short interview and took the opportunity to ask some tough questions. Musharraf's appearance in the film provoked a surprise visit from his son Bilal at the Sundance Film Festival," the duo wrote.

    Bilal Musharraf accused the filmmakers of "Bhutto" of defaming his father. "We suggested to Musharraf that it wasn't so much the film but history and public opinion that takes a dim view of military dictators," the filmmakers wrote.

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