Murdoch's journalists spied on British intelligence chief

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    Journalists fromRupert Murdoch's News International group spied on the woman chief of Britain's intelligence agency MI5 to uncover her personal life, a media report said on Saturday.
    Stella Rimington became director-general of the MI5 in 1992 and retired in 1996. She was the first chief to be named publicly and to have her official photographs released, the Daily Express reported.
    The MI5, established in 1909, works for national security, particularly against threats from espionage, terrorism and sabotage, from activities of agents of foreign powers and from actions intended to overthrow parliamentary democracy.
    The journalists from The Sunday Times discovered where Rimington shopped and where she held her bank account, she said.
    "They'd found out which branch of Marks & Spencer I bought my food at, and they'd even found where my bank account was, too," Rimington told The Lady magazine.
    The journalists told her they could also access her medical records, she said.
    News International has declined to comment on her allegations.

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    If one has seen my posts, I have always maintained that journalists make great spies!

    All they feed the ego.

    Who does not like his name in the paper or his mug on the TV? So, they eat out of the so called journalist's hands! Note how the foreign chaps are so chummy with leaders and how our chaps are cozying up with foreign leaders.

    Note how Humphrey Hawksley wrote such a book like Dragon Strike with some startling accuracy!

    You want to be a spy?

    Be a journalist!

    You can snoop on Indian leaders and the secrets and so can you do with the foreign ones too (and get paid for it!).

    Who enjoyed the Singapore Sling, while they gleaned the inner secrets of the Orient?
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    The newsmen in UK are a audacious lot and Rupert Murdoch his rags are considered the most aggressive of the lot.What the News of the world hacking scandal and the subsequent unraveling of many such scams,have told is that there is a very thin line that stand between cutthroat competition transforming into a cut law competition.Murdoch drunk with absolute power,that a stranglehold hold on information brings,has over reached himself.

    There was this James bond movies,starring the old bond,where 007 is taking on a super villain media baron of the murdochesque mold,who is not beyond vile schemes like hacking into govt computers and feeding foreign govts misinformation concerning each others motives,all for the sake of an exclusive.Not so much a fiction now....
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    I read a book by Ronald Seth on KGB and I was surprised to found Richard Sorge ( arguably, the greatest spy ever ) was a journalist. Unlike, most spies he did not believed in laying low. He was infamous for throwing night long parties in Tokyo.

    So, I guess there is no recipe for making a perfect spy.

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