Murder 2

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    Even though this film has been officially directed by Mohit Suri it has Mahesh Bhatt written all over it . After all it has the permanent Mahesh Bhatt obsession--his nephew Emraan Hashmi , whom Mahesh promotes in every film in his determined bid to make a film star out of him .

    But what makes it more of a Mahesh Bhatt film is the villain--a perverted eunuch , recalling Maharani from Sadak , a character that Sadashiv Amrapurkar played with such aplomb 20 years back .

    Only this time the eunuch is even more perverted--he is a male who was so obsessed with women that he had himself castrated to curb his desires , only to find that the desires had become even more perverted and violent after his castration .

    And the man to stop this rampaging psycho is of course Emraan Hashmi ,who has to save the beautiful damsels in distress--the women who are prey of this villain , which include his lovely girlfriend ( now which movie would be complete without the heroine not being a sexual prey of the villain ?? ) , but also other girls who have chosen the oldest profession .

    So does Emraan manage to save the tender young girls at the mercy of this sex-monster , especially the one ( not his girlfriend )who needs him most ?? Watch the movie for that.......

    The sex-scenes in the movie are limited , so those who may go to the theater looking for a Mallika Sherawat-like encore in this film will be disappointed .

    But those who want to watch a thriller will be less disappointed.....

    Verdict--decent enough.....
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    I've heard good reviews of the movie. Hope I won't waste my money on "Maddar 2" :)

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