Mumbai: AAP activist arrested for raping colleague

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    INS Arihant
    In an embarrassing incident for the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), party's activist has been arrested over charges of repeatedly raping a female colleague.
    The incident happened in Bhayandar area of Mumbai, where the local AAP worker, 32 year old Dharmendra UmaShankar Singh allegedly raped his party colleague on several occasions since last four months.
    Earlier, the 35-year-old victim could not muster the courage to file a complaint against the culprit, but finally she decided to fight for herself.
    In her complaint, victim alleged that Dharmendra had first sexually assaulted her four months before during his birthday party at his Madhu Mohan Apartment in Kharigaon, Bhayandar east.
    She also said that he had threatened her not to report the incident to anyone otherwise he would reveal the incident to her husband.
    To save herself form the social stigma and to protect her married life, she decided to keep quite, which further strengthened Dharmendra's bad intentions.
    On Monday night, Dharmendra was arrested from Navghar town in Thane district by the police and he is being questioned.
    The accused has been booked under Indian Penal Code (IPC) Section 376 and he has been taken for remand at the police custody.

    Mumbai: AAP activist arrested for raping colleague - News Oneindia
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    Why would this be an embarrassment for the AAP? It's not like their main candidate or executive party member got arrested for sexual assault, but rather some random member/activist.

    This is tragic for the victim though. Hope justice is served.

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