Multiple Platforms in AIRFORCE: 2020-2025

Discussion in 'Indian Air Force' started by Devil's Advocate, Jun 18, 2013.

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    By 2020 - 2025 IAF will have so many platforms to operate and not just that the types of engines to be maintained will be of different types coming from different nations and it seems to be a great mess somewhere considering our procurement policies.




    MIG 27 MIG 29 Jaguar and the no. of trainer aircrafts we are procuring and have of different vendors.

    Why don't we first get to solve this mess and Tejas experience being used to design
    trainer aircrafts with a huge production line to produce since we are facing a huge shortage also this will help us to use kaveri engine in future and ease the multiple platforms and engine complexity we have.Enter into the world of providing trainer aircrafts to nation like VIETNAM SRILANKA AND IN AFRICA where we can and have political approach too.

    Also if we could instead sell some of these platforms like migs in future is there any possibility or may be donate it to our allies or to make new allies like VIETNAM or Myanmar.A big political and defence cooperation to get much desired economic and political benefit from myanmar is what i seek also thailand an other nation can help our LOOK EAST POLICY.

    Will feel great if our respected members come up with their opinion. ALSO since i came back after a long 2-3 years almost i have seen a really good thing happening in INDIAN DEFENCE and that is now everything is logical and based on facts unlike a time when most of the members were naive and i found this very mediocre comparison to but now i cud say that this has evolved into a very meaningful platform. THANKS to all MEMBERS OF FORUM. :)
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    Holy Hell
    It is better than before.

    Majority of our fleet will near retirement by the time Rafale and FGFA are inducted anyway.

    Jaguar, Mirage-2000 and Mig-29 will be our only remaining obsolete aircraft the next decade.

    Think of it this way. We will have two 4.5th gen aircraft with Super MKI and Rafale. We plan on two 5th gen aircraft with FGFA and AMCA. When the production of a previous gen aircraft ends, the production of a next gen aircraft begins.

    A larger LCA Mk3 will have decent export prospects to smaller countries. It may be able to compete with Korea's KF-X phase 1 or 2, Saab's Gripen NG and maybe Turkey's TF-X, apart from JF-17 B3 or higher.

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