Multi-purpose amphibious device soon

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    Scientists are brainstorming over an unique technology, to be mounted on an micro amphibious vehicles (MAVs), to provide the country’s petroleum rigs another protective layer-even under the water.

    The project, being developed under the National Programme for Micro Air Vehicles (NP-MICAV), have shown signs of meeting the envisaged objectives, the scientists claimed. A portion of the technology has already been demonstrated.

    Speaking to Deccan Herald, NP-MICAV CEO K Ramachandra said: “These intelligence vehicles would be as big as a medium-size fish and will be amphibious in nature. It will be able to move on land and also swim.”

    The remote-controlled MAV will be operated from the control station on the rigs. Though the device has, at present, been tested for a range of 300-400 metres, the range can be extended to a few kilometers.

    “...And once we develop technology to make the same autonomous they can be of greater use as the range wouldn’t be a problem,” Ramachandra said, adding that the MAV will be programmed to detected any foreign body approaching the rigs, capture and send the images to the control room in a few seconds, thus enabling appropriate action.

    “The MAV will be mounted with an optical video camera to begin with. Then we’ll have intelligent sensors and data storage chips,” Ramachandran said. This apart, a “processing algorithm (a step-by-step problem-solving procedure)” will be installed to assist the MAV count the number of foraying vessels and do other calculations.”

    Defence applications

    The device, equipped to detect sea mines and chemicals used to sabotage Indian property, will also provide underwater surveillance for the armed forces, especially the Indian Navy.

    “The MAV will be capable of attaching itself to a foreign vessels and provide information about the vessel to the mother ship for assessment,” Ramachandra said, adding that multiple MAVs could be employed from each ship.

    Given its amphibious nature, the MAV can derive useful information from terrains difficult to traverse. Thus sending of precious manpower to such places can be avoided.

    “Given that we have already developed and tested micro air vehicles, an integration of the amphibious vehicle technology could prove to be quite an important machine for the armed forces,” Ramachandran added.

    Multi-purpose amphibious device soon

    two important things:
    growing indigenization
    realization of threat to offshore Indian assets
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