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    Spoiler alert

    Many dictators ( like Stalin , for example ) had doubles , and so did Saddam Hussein.

    And so did his devilish son Uday.....

    A double means somebody who looks like the original , and has to pretend to be the original , in places where the original does not want to go--like a place where there is danger of him getting assassinated , for example .

    The movie is based on the true story of Uday's double , Latif .

    He is forced--on pain of death--to impersonate Saddam's brutish son in public meetings , for mingling among the soldiers of Saddam's ragtag army , and even at his home.....

    ......And from that position , he is able to closely observe the lifestyle of the powerdrunk Uday--the heir apparent to Saddam's republic of fear .

    ....And its an insane lifestyle.....

    --Uday goes to wild parties where everyone has to strip naked in order to please his majesty--

    --He shoots dead anybody who displeases him for the slightest reason--

    --regularly snorts drugs--

    --tortures anyone who has crossed him , and then forces his double to watch the films he has recorded of the unspeakable tortures he invents--

    --picks any schoolgirl from the street at gunpoint , and rapes her and dumps her dead body in the middle of nowhere--

    --goes to any wedding , picks the bride and rapes her.....

    ......And has to be constant surrounded by pretty whores in his house....

    If Saddam himself says that he should have killed Uday the moment he was born , what can be the mental condition of his double who has to stay with Uday constantly ??

    He himself gets to enjoy with the pretty women whom Uday allows him to enjoy ,and gets to live the lavish life in Uday's house , and yet he yearns to escape from this living hell.....

    But how can he ?? His family , which is under constant surveillance by Uday's bodyguards , will be put to death if he escapes......

    His own life is in danger as people plotting to kill Uday are constantly targetting him due to his resemblance.....

    Of course , its a resemblance made more perfect by plastic surgery , and Uday once says that his double's **** must also be resized to resemble his own......only to sooth his terrified double's nerves by explaining that he was only joking.....

    Before he goes completely mad , the double escapes , urged by his father who is ready to die to let his son go free--but he returns to give the devil Uday his due , and take revenge for his father's murder.

    Its a film made more watchable by Dominic Cooper , the actor who has put up a commendable performance as both Uday and his double--has entered into the skin of his role , as they say .

    Verdict--decent enough .
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    lol they've really made him the devil.
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    Metacritic rating for this movie is 52, pretty average. I would suggest you guys check the first movie directed by the guy who helmed this devil's double. Once Were Warriors (1994), a movie directed by Lee Tamahori, is a story of family which are descended from Maori warriors tribe. This here is probably the best scene from the movie, I bet Hollywood just can't come any where near it.

    In b\w just saw the movie Hanna, action scenes were few but were effective but the movie on the whole made me wonder why did they make this movie.Any way enjoy the scene below, the movie Once Were Warriors will not disappoint but let me warn you this is no gang movie just violent family movie from New Zealand.

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    I saw this movie it was a good movie. It was the first time I was a movie about the indigenous new zealanders and how violent their world is.

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