Movie Review: Real Steel (2011)

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    Over the weekend, I saw the movie "Real Steel" starring Hugh Jackman, and produced by Spielberg's DreamWorks and Disney's Touchstone Pictures. It was a good movie, about a washed-out former boxer named Charlie Kenton whose sport has been now become dominated by more spectacular and crowd-pleasing high-tech boxing robots in the year 2020. Charlie is living on the margins, always owing money to others, and trying to eke out a living by promoting and coaching robots in underground fighting matches.

    One day he learns that his old girlfriend has died, and the 11-year old son whom he had with her is suddenly dropped onto his doorstep. He wants nothing to do with the boy Max, and is ready to give him away to relatives, when he is given the offer of a large sum of money if he keeps the boy for the summer while the rich relatives go on vacation.

    Initially miserable together, Charlie and his son Max gradually bond with each other, after Max accidentally finds a discarded fighting robot in a junkyard, which they jointly repair and train for the fighting ring. The robot, named Atom, possesses the unique feature of being able to mimic or shadow other people's movements, in order to learn their fighting style. And so, talented ex-boxer Charlie and feisty son Max gradually take their robot up through the boxing ranks to their ultimate dream - a professional match for the world championship.

    I found the movie quite enjoyable, spirited and heartwarming, as it combined various interesting story themes like futuristic high-tech sci-fi mixed with father-son emotional drama, fighting spirit like Rocky, and of course, heavy-duty special fx with over-the-top action-packed scenes of robot combat.
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