Movie review--Mujhse fraaandship karoge ??

Discussion in 'Members Corner' started by ashdoc, Oct 17, 2011.

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    In the sixties , movies used to show actors in their thirties pretending to be students in college .

    Now seventeen year olds are shown pretending to be 21 year olds in college courtesy Yash raj films .

    ......All to enjoy the freedom of boozing and doing the things that adults do--yeah , even the girls !!

    And the new vehicle for starting romance is the internet ; more specifically , the star of the net--facebook , what else.....

    Yeah , forget dating sites and all that , these college kids are hooked on to facebook for finding a partner.....

    So whats the story ??

    A goodlooking girl and a goodlooking guy use the profiles of an even better looking girl and better looking guy to chat with each other......for they are not so confident about their real self .

    As they begin to like each other , they want to meet . But both dont know who they are chatting to , and send the real persons of the profiles to meet each other .

    So there are four people in the ring--the two real people whose profiles are being used , and the two fakes who are using the profiles to chat with each other .

    But who is in love with whom ??

    They all themselves are confused about that , because the fakes like each other on the net , but dont like each other in real life.....

    So how will romance blossom , and between whom and whom ??

    But dont worry ; as the cliche goes--love will find a way.....

    But until its finds a way , there is some fun , some college dhammal , some entertainment , some partying , some college pranks to be pulled......

    All candyfloss stuff for the bubblegum crowd......

    So go have fun !!

    Verdict--watchable .
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    Saba Azad aka Preity was very cute and other girl Malvika sounded like a dumbing artist for Katrina kaif, the screenplay of the movie was good much, thousand times better than average Yash Raj movie. Pretty decent movie for first time director.
    I would this 3 *** out of 5.

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