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Discussion in 'Members Corner' started by ashdoc, Oct 15, 2011.

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    i saw limitless a few months back . cant remember the movie in full , but shall try to review from what i can remember .

    one guy stumbles upon a drug that can make your brain function several times faster than it normally does . people using the drug achieve instant success as their enhanced brain power helps them analyse things much faster than anyone else--the stock market for example .

    sounds too good to be true ??

    remember one thing--if anything sounds too good to be true , then it probably iiiiiiiiissss too good to be true......for the drug slowly starts eating away into the brain and body , ultimately finishing the person off......

    even so , there are some very powerful and mean people trying to get their hands on the drug--all chasing the heady feeling of success , however temporary it may be.......and people having the stocks of the drug lead very unsafe lives , as they are liable to end up dead for refusing to part with it.....

    so our hero is in danger too , as he climbs the ladder of drug-fueled success.....and as the his own stocks of the drug begin to finish out , he himself is on the lookout someone who can supply it.....

    so does our hero get what he wants ??

    and what about the ultimately destructive effects it will have on him ??

    go watch the movie for the answers to that......

    but remember one thing......

    its better to achieve success the oldfashioned way--by hard toil , what else.....

    for there's no such thing as success on a platter , and every attempt to take a shortcut to success comes at a price.....

    its alright to dream about such things in the fantasy world of celluloid.....

    ......but remember to forget about it when the movie is finished......

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    Anything with Robert DeNiro is good. :)

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