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    This an moving story of love , romance , loss and pain....and also suspense-- set in the England of the nineteenth century . Based on the 19th century classic novel by Charlotte Brontte .

    My main reason for watching this movie was to hear the unadulterated english that you can hear in such movies--a pure english without swear words , grammatically correct and in perfect rhythm.

    .....And also to see the setting of 19th century Britain .

    The leading lady Jane Eyre ( now I am not about to call such a prim and propiah person by the bollywood word ' heroine ' ) has had a tough upbringing--as she has lost both her parents in childhood and has been brought up by her aunt who hates her , sending her to a really harsh boarding school where students are deliberately sent because they are sinners . ( Needless to say I wonder if such schools really exist , or whether they existed even then )

    But amazingly for victorian times , when women were supposed to be meek and submissive ,and even more amazingly for someone who graduates from the school penniless and dependent on others for survival, Jane turns out to be a strong willed personality , with a strong belief in what is right and wrong and a strong sense of morality .

    ......A belief and a sense that will be tested to its limit......

    For the person she falls in love with , and intends to marry hides a dark secret....

    .....And when the secret is revealed , Jane will have to have immense willpower to do what is right , and stay morally correct.....

    So does Jane do what is right and remain morally upright ??

    Happily , she does , and show remarkable capacity for resilience and sacrifice towards the end

    The film has some real moving scenes , and acting by everyone is class

    Verdict--good .
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    Thank you, I just put the movie in my daughter's Netflix queue.

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