Movie Review: Bridesmaids 2011

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    Bridesmaids (2011)

    It is bit too late to review this movie now, I kept ignoring this movie , did n't even bother to check its Metacritic rating. After watching some pretty normal overrated movies, like the latest X men movie , must say kick Ass from the same director was much better, then I saw Hanna, another over rated stuff. Then I saw this movie's rating and also saw its earnings and this made reliase that this was a winner like say the Wedding crashers.
    It might appear to you guys as girlie movie, which it is actually to an extent but don't worry it is thousand times smarter than any of girlie movie you might have seen recently. In fact this is first English in a period of over 2-3 years that has made me laugh. Last one was probably the Borat ,The 40 Year Old Virgin ,Anchorman.
    The name Bridesmaids is actually deceiving. Movie is mainly about a bridesmaid who is going through a mid life crises, she is surrounded by some normal looking but not so normal people.All Characters are quite funny, I highly recommend this movie much better than any recent released crap.Hangover One was so talked up movie but did that movie made u laugh, this one would certainly make you laugh.

    Rating - Very Good

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