Morsi to UN: End Israeli occupation

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    In debut speech before General assembly,Egyptian president urges
    int'l community to work toward
    establishing Palestinian state and
    'changing identity of occupied
    Jerusalem.' Adds: Egypt committed to


    Egyptian President
    Mohammed Morsi on Wednesday urged
    the international community to work
    immediately toward the establishment of
    an independent Palestinian state within
    "all the occupied territories."
    In a belligerent debut speech before the
    UN General Assembly, Egypt's first
    democratically-elected president called
    for immediate progress that would "put
    an end to the colonialism and the
    settlements and change the identity of
    occupied Jerusalem ."

    Three months after winning the general
    elections as the candidate of the Muslim
    Brotherhood movement, Morsi told the
    UN, "I am the first Egyptian president
    who was elected in a democratic vote at
    the end of the revolution."
    Speaking in Arabic, Morsi dedicated the
    first part of his speech to god, the
    prophet Mohammed and Islam.

    Morsi to UN: End Israeli occupation - Israel News, Ynetnews

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