Moral Policing by Gulabi Gang

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    Beware, love birds! A pink saree-clad all-women gang is on the prowl with batons, lathis and a fiery sermon on the tip of its tongue.

    Unlike its Uttar Pradesh counterparts who rescue housewives in distress at home, this Gulabi gang checks obscenity in parks, public and secluded picnic spots. The group claims its actions would help bring down cases of rape.

    What does the gang do? It spots young couples, makes them do situps, admonish them not to visit the place without informing their parents or even use sticks to deter 'errant couples' from their 'anti-culture' adventure.

    No wonder this gang of around 100 middle-aged women, led by one Rani Kumari, 40, has become a terror for love birds within a short span of time.

    Many people want police to intervene and save them from the 'explosive pink.'

    Romantic Ranchiites face explosive pink brigade - Hindustan Times

    Eventually all vigilante groups become criminal.

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