Money and marriage on the cards for badminton 'Super Dan'

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    Money and marriage on the cards for badminton 'Super Dan'

    After winning a long-coveted Asian Games gold, Chinese badminton superstar Lin Dan turned to the issue of his romance with Xie Xingfang as state media calculated the money he has earned.

    By beating Malaysia's world number one Lee Chong Wei Sunday night, the dashing Lin -- viewed as the best badminton player ever -- has finally got an Asiad crown to go with his world and Olympic titles.

    "The match was very tense, as soon as it was over I'm trying to relax and you ask me a tense question like this," Lin told reporters when asked about his marriage plans to girlfriend and Beijing Olympic silver medalist Xie.

    "This is a very important question and I will approach this in a very serious manner. Xie Xingfang and I have been together ever since we joined the national team such a long time ago. She is really good for me."

    Lin's romance to the recently retired Xie has been an intense media topic in China with millions of adoring fans eager to know the couples every move.

    His response Sunday was different from a week ago when he told reporters that he was too young to marry and that marriage "is not on my agenda."

    No matter if Lin gets married or not, money is not likely to be a problem as the 27-year-old shuttler makes millions of dollars in sponsorships, Monday press reports said.

    "His ability to 'attract gold', has all along developed with his status as 'Super Dan'," the Beijing Morning Post said, while the English-language China Daily said Lin's popularity in China was only matched by basketball icon Yao Ming.

    Here at the Guangzhou Asiad, Lin's face is plastered on advertisments everywhere, ranging from soft drinks, milk, beer and men's make up to clothing and sports apparel, razor blades, fast food and express mail -- to name a few.

    According to the Morning Post, he makes between one million yuan (150,000 dollars) and two million yuan for each sponsorship, deals that have earned him a spot on the Forbes list of most powerful Chinese celebrities.

    Following his latest win and in the run up to the London Olympics, 'Super Dan' is likely to make even more, it said.

    Money, Marriage, Fame and Capitalism!!

    It is finally happening!

    China is truly becoming capitalist, notwithstanding the callisthenics in syntax to still consider it as socialist way!!

    As the disparity in income grows, a Nation that has been groomed in the 'womb to tomb' philosophy right through history with denwei and hokou systems reinforced after the Communist took over, there will be a growing unrest amongst those deprived.

    Just as the US ordered when it encouraged China to move away from Communism.

    The 'evils of Capitalism' is boring itself into China's sinews and it will cause greater problems, than what it was for others, because of its populations' historical banking on the govt for their welfare and well being!
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    watched the match yesterday, though lee at the end came across as no real match to lin dan who was playing at an altogether different level but have to say this thing about lee, he falls, he trips and still he is there for the next shot, damn this chap is phenomenal and one of his kind, i havent seen anyone play the kind of badminton this chap plays and still he is the world no one.

    coming to the point being raised, china shunned its past of a hardcore mao ideology pretty long back which started to happen right after mao's death, had that not happened, no way would have the capitalist west been allowed into the country, much like what happened in vietnam, other than that even the chinese claim they have moved beyond the mao's ideology they had, though i would love to listen to the official stance of the ccp on the matter. they sure would have a new name to this new found ideology where capitalism is allowed in parts where it suits the party but when it comes to subjects like absolute loyalty to state ideology the state control gets as ruthless as was during mao zedong's era.

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