Mom puts kids up for sale on eBay

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    A woman from Victoria, Australia, is under investigation after she offered her two young children for sale to the highest bidder on eBay.

    The woman, in her early 30s, lives near Geelong. She wrote a "lengthy sales pitch" that included photographs of her son and daughter, both aged under 10, reports

    Several people placed bids on the sickening auction, which has alarmed authorities.

    A horrified member of the public alerted detectives from the Sexual Offences and Child Abuse unit to the Internet page.
    The page has been taken down and the woman's children could be taken into permanent care.

    Victoria Police has decided not to press charges against the mum, who claims the act was a joke.

    However, police sources were quoted by the daily as saying that they were disturbed by the incident and in particular the genuine bidders who tried to obtain the children.


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