Mom poisoning kids’ minds against dad?

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    Mom poisoning kids’ minds against dad?

    A recent spate of events between an estranged couple in the United States went quite the way one would not have expected. The judge felt that the mother was poisoning the children’s minds against their father.

    According to the article entitled “Judge jails kids for refusing lunch with dad,” Oakland County Family Court Judge Lisa Gorcyca ordered the children to go on a lunch date with their father, and when they refused, slapped contempt of court onto them.

    Here is an exerpt from the article:

    Gorcyca, who blamed their mother for poisoning the children’s attitude toward their father, ordered the children be sent to the center for defying her orders — while in court — that they go to lunch with their father.

    The judge had a change of heart, and lifted the contempt of court rulings on the children, as per the article entitled “Judge releases ‘jailed’ kids who wouldn't meet with dad.” The reason is, as quoted as follows:

    “The court finds that is in the children’s best interests to grant the father's and the guardian ad litem's motion to allow the children to attend summer camp,” Gorcyca said Friday afternoon.

    It is interesting to note that while many men complain that a majority of such cases go in the favour of the woman, often leading to lamentations about and against feminists and sometimes in general against women, one cannot help but notice that the judge, in this case, was a woman.

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    Litigation is very complex process.

    In this case facts presented to the Judge were able to win over facts presented against father. I see nothing special as author is trying to sketch it as whats typically happen when verdicts go in favor of the mother.

    Kudos to the Judge for his wisdom.
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    It is very rare for a woman to be behaving oddly w.r.t her children.. So any judgement that goes in her favor probably follows the corollary that a woman is considered the natural guardian of a minor child.

    There can be some cases where the mother is not an ideal mother and the children are actually more attached to their father. In such cases the court should take the views of the children in cognizance and then pass a judgement.

    In a marital discord its the children who suffer the most and not either of the parents. So the judge should have kept their interest uppermost and then decided the case.
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    huh????? That is a accepted social belief but not universally true. Yes, it is believed traditionally mothers take better care for children, since traditionally it was father's role to go out and earn living for whole family leaving the kids in the care of mothers. However, the scenario has changed quite a lot. The modern women go out and earn living, just as some men take care of children. The traditional lines are blurred to say the least. Therefore, the belief has become archaic where mother can be considered a better parent than father, and the judgement of considering mother as natural guardian is also a folly.

    The women all over the world have been behaving oddly with automatic reaction of considering the men as enemy. It is odd and of course it spills down on the education they give to their children, too. After all the teaching a parent gives to his/her children is something they believe to be right, and when the women thinks the men are villains, they obviously pass the same thing on to the children, too.

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