Mollah forms new party, focus on Dalits, minorities

Discussion in 'Politics & Society' started by Ray, Oct 20, 2014.

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    Bengal politics is in a total disarray and in the doldrums.

    The Left has become a fringe element and practically not accountable for the voters.

    Mamata Bannerjee, the vocal non stop commentator on anything and everything connected or not connected, has been silenced. Not a peep or a chirp from her these days. TMC is eating crow with the connections being daily unravelled with the Sharada scam and indirectly with the unabated terrorist scam being unearthed with regularity. The apathy and the manner in which the State police botched up or hushed the terrorist activities naturally does not auger well with the public. In fact, there is the allegation that one MP is connected with the JMB and the manner how money was siphoned off to Dubai through the JMB connection.

    And yet this bloke Mollah has the temerity to have another political party espousing the case of Muslims and Dalits!

    Today, with the manner in which bomb factories are being unearthed and the madarsa connections being unravelled, this Mollah man is wishing for the will o' the wisp.

    There are rumours afloat that even the cattle smuggling into Bangladesh that rakes in huge money has political connections.

    The JMB connection with the State, the anti national madarsa and the funnelling of money to the JMB et all, does not give any appeal to the voters, be it non Muslims or Muslims, since none wishes to be linked to dubious people or raise suspicion.

    And NIA is yet to strike Gold and once it does, it is kaput for all.
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    Rezzak Mollah ????

    Who his he and why was he expllled in first place

    And why isnt such explleing from party is challenged in courts

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