Mohammad Tazmul defying clerics to worship Goddess Durga

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    Mohammad Tazmul is a devoted Muslim. He leads a simple life, beginning his day with the Namaj. But after this, there is a tectonic shift to his existence, especially during the festival season. Tazmul worships Maa Durga and leads a bhajan troupe during the 9 days of Navratra. "When I came here in 2009, I was really shocked to see him making his contribution in every morning prayers,” says Krishnanad Acharya.

    He recites Durga Chalisa with same ease with which he offers Namaj. For him, Durga Puja is no less important than the holy month of Ramjaan. For full 9 months during Navratra, he is on fast without salt. For Mohd Tazmul, Allah or Bhagwan are just 2 names of same almighty and offering Namaj or ding aarti are just 2 different ways of reaching out to the same god.

    Though the Muslim clerics oppose his active participation during Durga Puja and Navratri, Tazmul remains defiant. “I have to face opposition from clerics,” Tazmul says.

    Mohammad Tazmul from Bihar is defying clerics to worship Goddess Durga - India - Bihar - ibnlive
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    He is already Apostate and will be Halaled at the Right Time.

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