Modi speech at Mumbai rally : Bombs UPA govt.

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    Narendra Modi’s speech was significant for 3 reasons:

    - it was a direct strike on the UPA, signaling the campaign for the next general election had begun

    - it was also a strike against the UPA’s entitlement politics with the Nirmal Baba and Rasgulla analogy

    - it also showed that the path to power lies in a new Federal Coalition making common cause with other non-Congress, non-NDA Chief Ministers like Jayalalitha

    A rough english summary of Mr. Modi’s speech in Hindi below

    Gujarat has suffered famine for several years, we have a desert terrain, bordering pakistan, we are proud that for the past 10 years there has been no food shortage. we have an irrigation network. if there was a nda govt if vajpayee’s leadership was there, if his vision to interlink rivers had been realized then we would not have this agrarian and food crisis, farmer suicides.

    Vajpayee had a dream to interlink rivers, upa shattered that dream. the food crisis is a direct result of it.

    The govt in delhi has neither a leader nor a policy nor any morality.

    These days nirmal baba is a popular topic on tv . The govt in delhi is like nirmal baba’s durbar. It doles out entitlements like rasgulla and much like Nirmal Baba it asks you to forget all other problems. nirmal baba is on trial in criminal court. the upa govt will be on trial in the people’s court.

    On coalition compulsions and congress ministers – why does ur FM read speech in portugese. why is there a conflict with armed forces, why is the defense preparedness in shambles,

    On Sonia Gandhi’s comment ”no promises, only performance” – who is she is counselling, is she admitting that they have only been promising from IG garibi hatao, vote bank politics – no performance.

    There used to be performance monitoring by planning commission on 20 point program – nda and non-cong states outperform congress states. instead of getting cong states to perform they have now stopped monitoring.

    On the PM’s achievements - agri growth of 1% growth while 11% in Gujarat alone.

    You the people need to decide do u want to be lead by laggards while the country sinks, goes hungry ?

    The PM claims 20,000 mw power production as an achievement while there is a power crisis, farmers, industry, kids schools . The coal shortage resulting from policy paralysis on account of corruption has resulted in idle power plants operating below capacity.

    On Federalism

    The UPA has their failure in the report card with the admission on the need to improve relations with states. It reflects on the fact that they have not treated states with respect.

    CM of Tamil Nadu Jayalalitha has said that the UPA treated CMs and states as municipalities. This Delhi sultanate has damaged the federal structure far more than any other by misusing constitutional offices.

    India is young nation. we are competing aagainst china. 21st century can be ours if we harness our young. skills development in china. where is acheivement on skill development in progress report.

    India’s dream of emerging as a power in 21st century will remain a pipe dream with this govt in delhi

    Is there any respect in delhi for india’s aspirations ?

    Every day this govt is in power, the country pays a steep price with its economy and its security.
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