Modi magic: Muslim majority town elects all BJP candidates

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    BJP sweeps nagara palika elections in Guj including Muslim majority Salaya where BJP candidates defeated Congress in straight fight. 24 of the 27 BJP winning candidates were Muslim and one ST. 3 Congress candidates lost their deposit.

    Modi sweep: Muslim majority town elects all BJP candidates

    Ahmedabad, Feb 12: It was a straight fight and the BJP created history by winning all 27 seats of town municipality in Salaya, a Muslim-majority town in Dwarka district. Salaya is know for its mega power project and now it will be known for giving Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi another triumph in the development agenda.

    Among BJP's 27 candidates, 24 were Muslims while remaining three were Hindus including one Scheduled Tribe (ST) candidate.

    The BJP's sweep in a township comprising 90 percent Muslims will take wind of many psedo-secular elements. Of the 27 seats spread over nine wards, BJP candidates won unopposed on four seats in state municipal elections. Voting for remaining 23 seats took place on Sunday (10th February) with Congress in straight fight with BJP. The Congress party candidates even lost deposit on three seats.

    Salaya has been enjoying fruits of development with Essar Energy's integrated energyc company establishing a power unit to generate 1200 mw. Salaya I is Essar Energy's first coal fired power project and has been built at a total investment cost of US$1.1 billion. Most of the power produced will be sold to the Gujarat state electricity utility, GUVNL, under a long term contract. When all the units are commissioned, the project is expected to generate nearly 2000 mw power.

    Salaya will also be getting a world-class marine infrastructure project with a state-of-the-art material handling facility. The bulk handling port will be capable of handling 20 MMTPA of cargo. The jetty is located in the Salaya Harbour, which is naturally protected by two islands - Kalubhar Tapu and Dhani Be.

    Essar has been conducting various projects under its social development initiative in Salaya. To empower the local women, Essar Foundation runs a stitching centre in Salaya. The Foundation is supporting the stitching center by providing skills and creating new business opportunities. This will also provide the associated families with an alternative source of income, by establishing market linkages.

    The stitching center at Salaya initially started as a small community program by the local Wagher Muslim Community Jamat, with the idea to provide skill development to the women without them having to leave their houses.

    The center is also imparting the women several life skills such as basic literacy, personality development, accounts and business entrepreneurship.
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    BJP won 47 out of 74 municipalities in recent polls, 9 to Congress, 6 to independents, 12 are hung and counting stopped at 1.

    Major victory of BJP in Municipality ( Nagarpalika ) polls in Gujarat

    All Municipality (Nagarpalika) election results are out, and as expected BJP has done remarkably well.

    Out of total 74 municipalities, BJP has won 47 while 9 have been won by Congress, 6 by independents, 12 are hung. At one Municipality Bhachau, the counting has been stopped.

    Out of total 1905 seats, 1144 are captured by BJP while Congress has won 449 seats, independent 272, NCP 16, BSP 13, Sp 2 and others 9.

    Bavla – hung
    Dhandhuka – BJP
    Sanand – BJP
    Chalala – Congress
    Rajula – BJP
    Lathi – BJP
    Jafrabad – BJP
    Karamsad – BJP
    Ode – BJP
    Boriavi – NCP
    Anklav – Ind win all seats
    Vallabh Vidhyanagar – BJP wins all 27 seats
    Dhanera – Congress
    Tharad – hung
    Gariadhar – BJP wins 25 out of 27 seats
    Gadhada – BJP
    Sihor – hung
    Talaja – BJP
    Jhalod – hung
    Devgadhbaria – BJP
    Mansa – BJP wins 23 out of total 27 seats
    Dwarka – BJP
    Bhanvad – BJP
    Jamjodhpur – BJP
    Kalavad – BJP
    Dhrol – Congress
    Salaya – BJP wins all seats
    Kodinar – BJP wins all seats
    Mangrol – hung
    Manavadar – BJP
    Bantva – BJP
    Chorvad – Congress
    Visavdar – hung – Congress, BJP both 10-10 seats, 1 NCP
    Vanthli – BJP
    Vadnagar – BJP
    Vijapur – hung
    Kheralu – hung
    Balasinor – BJP
    Mahemdavad – BJP
    Mahudha – Independents win 13 out of 21 seats
    Chaklasi – Independents win 15 out of 27 seats
    Kheda – Independents win 13 out of total 21 seats
    Dakor – Independents win 16 out of total 21 seats
    Vijalpor – BJP wins 33 of 36 seats
    Bilimora – BJP
    Halol BJP
    Kalol – Independents win 14 of 21 seats
    Lunavada – Congress
    Santrampur – hung
    Harij – BJP
    Chanasma – BJP wins all 21 seats
    Radhanpur – Congress
    Chhaya – BJP wins 22 of 27 seats
    Ranavav – Congress
    Kutiana – Independents win 12 of 21 seats
    Upleta – BJP
    Jasdan – BJP
    Dhoraji -BJP
    Jetpur – hung
    Bhayavadar – BJP
    Idar – BJP
    Khedbrahma – BJP
    Prantij – BJP
    Talod -BJP
    Songadh – BJP
    Karjan – hung
    Chhota Udepur – Congress
    Bhachau – Counting has been stopped
    Rapar – BJP wins all 21 seats
    Dudhrej – BJP
    Halvad – BJP wins all 21 seats unopposed
    Thangadh – BJP wins 25 of 27 seats
    Pardi – BJP
    Dharampur – BJP
    Valsad – hung
    Talala – BJP

    BJP has won Surendranagar, Dhoraji, Jasdan and Songadh municipalities where Congress MPs were victorious in the last Lok Sabha elections.

    Kodinar, Halvad, Salaya, Chanasma, Vallabh Vidhyanagar and Rapar have elected 100% BJP candidates, and have bulldozed the Congress party and others completely.

    Earlier BJP had won 1068 seats, but in this elections the party has won 1149 seats. Congress party’s seats are down from earlier 607 to 426 now.

    BJP has snatched away Surendranagar, Halvad, Rapar, Talod, Vijalpor, Vanthli, Dhandhuka, Ode and Balashinor municipalities. Similarly party has snatched away Devgadhbaria and Salaya municipalities from the independents and other parties.

    The BJP has gained clear majority in 47 municipalities while in 11 municipalities BJP has emerged as the single largest party, Congress has won 9 municipalities.

    BJP has won 12 out of 16 seats in the by-elections. This includes Junagadh Municipal Corporation’s two seats and other Municipality seats.

    In a statement, Gujarat Parivartan Party (GPP) claimed victory over 54 seats. According to Gordhan Zadafia party’s candidates fought the polls and won as independents. Zadafia has not issued a list of such candidates, therefore his claim is difficult to digest at this time.

    Gujarat Congress President Shri Arjun Modhwadia in a statement issued today claimed party’s victory over 19 municipalities. He said the party has won two more municipalities compared to previous polls. However there’s nothing to support Modhwadia’s this claim. Given below is a link to the State Election Commission’s officially declared detailed result. There’s nothing that proves Modhwadia’s claim of victory in 19 Municipalities. Modhwadia in his press statement complained about irregularities pertaining to the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) in municipality polls.
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    But our Super stat politician Digvijay singh asked how many muslim MLA are in MODI cabinet , what will u answer to our bald headed gandhi family dalal Dig vijay singh
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    Who is a possible strong Muslim voice who may endorse modi? What about that maulana who was forced to quit? If he strongly endorses modi will a significant part of the Muslim vote shift to bajpa?
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    What rout for Congress and all other sickulars.

    Magic is simple. Modi does not appease and yet gives without discrimination. It has to dawn on the muslims, sooner or later.

    In assembly elections, BJP won insignificant 9 out of 11 muslim majority seats, while Khangress [or is it CON-gress?} got whopping TWO.

    And sickulars say muslims in Gujarat feel insecure!!

    Who says muslims of Gujarat feel insecure and discriminated against?

    Justice for all, appeasement for none. That is inclusive approach.
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    There is no magic. One one mantra. Development all round.

    My cousin who lost it all in riots today is 100 times better off after starting from scratch post 2002. What's more he is sitting in my small town native and doing far better biz than me in Bangalore.
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    People have been fed hate for Modi over the years. People who don't even know anything about what transpired in Gujarat in 2002 also hate Modi. Thanks to the sustained campaign over the years. I questioned a few people in Bangalore why they opposed Modi. They said he killed Muslims and we hunk he will do the same when he becomes PM. When I then told them about Godhra till Gujarat of today and the development there they had no clue.

    If Modi is declared the PM candidate, the BJP has to mount a media blitz to dispel wrong notions. Show the country that Muslims if Gujarat themselves vote for Modi. How they are better off Han the rest of Indian Muslims. How Modi has done over the last dozen years in Gujarat etc.
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    I thought Voras found mainly in Surat?
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    All over te world like Sardars and generally all gujjus. Yes larger numbers in Surat and Mumbai as old "bases" of te community. Lots in MP too in cities like Indore, Ujjain, Dohad etc.

    These have been the cities where we have existed for a long time till search for biz took us down south in the 1950s and 60s. Chennai has the highest concentration at about 10,000 people. Bangalore next at about 4000.
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    Land of the GODS - "Dev Bhomi".
    The reason I say the timing is very crucial over the announcement on Modi's candidature as the PM candidate. The problem I see with early announcement is, if in between there are state elections and the BJP doesn't have much hope, the Congress's campaign will be that Modi is a flop outside Gujarat, and they will go hammer and tong with that.

    But then, and as you say, Modi does need good number of months to travel extensively all over the country so that people get to know him and the work he has delivered in Gujarat.

    Other than that, the BJP needn't be too concerned about their allies. In democracies people flock to people/parties whoever can get them to power, but the BJP needs to manage good number of seats for that to happen.
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