Modi looks ahead, Rahul looks back...

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    Modi looks ahead:cool2:, Rahul looks back:taunt:...
    ...that's the difference

    When Narendra Modi was speaking at a Delhi college on Wednesday, I found after a long, long time that an Indian leader was talking of substance and with a vision. This is something not seen often nowadays. Whenever we see political leaders speak up, we hear them either talking trash or only attacking others to earn a brownie point. Modi, during his speech at Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC), reasserted the fact that politics does not end with petty calculations for votes or engage with the opposition in a game of one-upmanship. Politics also includes the language of administration and the culmination of a good administration/governance is the welfare of the people.

    The best thing that Modi did while setting his foot in the national stage is that he chose the youth as his audience for youth is the best medium to connect to the future. Not many parties in the country do it. Take for instance, the Congress, which mostly engages with sycophants or the Left parties, which only speak to minds that hardly work in today's world.

    "India's biggest challenge is how it uses its opportunity," these words laid the foundation of Modi's impressive speech. The flow with which he continued to speak made those protesting outside the venue against the man's arrival look completely foolish. To those who orchestrated those meaningless protests, may be an apprehensive national opposition of the Gujarat CM, please understand one thing: Today's India is not going to tolerate non-sense in the name of politics. The days of opaqueness are over.

    No point in mentioning the past

    Those who fail to give wings to a young nation's aspirations, will be invariably booted out. There is no point in cribbing about Modi's past. His detractors too have a past. But while Modi has looked in front, his adversaries are yet to go beyond the emotions.

    When Rahul Gandhi spoke at a teary-eyed session in Jaipur where he was elevated as the vice-president, many people said he arrived with a bang. If that was a bang, then how do we describe Wednesday's Modi?

    Modi speaks in the common man's language

    Narendra Modi spoke in the language of the common man, who is fed up with pressing problems and looks towards a fresh hope in everyday life. Rahul Gandhi also made an appeal to connect to the youth but his words looked more of a strategist than an administrator. Modi went all the way to Delhi with his bag of experience and three consecutive electoral victories under his belt, something which the Congress vice-president seriously lacks. Modi's comprehensive speech made him look more suitable as the country's future PM. There is no doubt in it.

    Sports an indicator of national pride

    Take for instance, his words on sports. He expressed a sense of national pride when he said South Korea made a big international mark after hosting the 1988 Olympics but when we organized the Commonwealth Games in 2010, nobody knew why was it being done. The sarcasm was enjoyed by the audience but at the same time, it put across a significant message. And it is the message of leadership. A close parallel could be drawn with Rajiv Gandhi's effort to make the 1982 Delhi Asiad a success. That sports can speak about a nation's pride is not often uttered in India. Modi touched the right chord.

    A proud leader, that's what we need

    When he said that Gujarati milk or vegetables are available worldwide, there was a sense of pride in the leader's voice. It was fantastic. We need leaders who make us believe in ourselves. We haven't seen many of such leaders. Slowness in adapting to new technology is holding India back, Modi said. This statement by a tech-savvy leader clearly throws the ‘outdated and opaque' Congress out of the window. No opportunity is lost and today's hapless Congress will learn it the hard way when Modi hijacks the legacy of leaders like Rajiv Gandhi and PV Narasimha Rao, who contributed in the emergence of a new India in varying capacities.

    Demonising Modi is a futile act

    Demonising Modi today looks ridiculous, particularly when we are seeing hate speeches are being aired everyday by various communal groups. Administrator Modi presented a comprehensive vision by offering development as the most effective approach and not vote-bank politics. How many of India's politicians preach this, and even if they preach, how many actually practise?

    If Modi is still considered a threat to the country, I ask a question: Why can't the so-called secular forces project a leader equivalent to Narendra Modi? Why a 'yet-to-succeed' Gandhi is being pushed and pulled as a competitor of a politician whose evolution has been remarkable?

    Let's give Modi a chance, he's the best man at the moment

    It won't be easy for Modi to lead the nation as the Prime Minister, if he indeed becomes. Regional leaders haven't had a happy experience as the PM of the country. But yet, at the end of the day, Modi is miles ahead of whatever hopeless political leadership this country witnesses today. He is the best man for the job at the moment.

    Rahul ji, why don't you take a leaf out of the Gujarati's book? There is no harm.

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