Modi - LDF, UDF turned Kerala into a nursery of terrorism

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    Narendra Modi says two main points about Kerala. About Terrorism and Lack of Employment for the Local Youth,About terrorism i dont have first hand experience but i have experience about unemployment in Youth. Almost everyone who i know,including myself is working outside.

    KASARAGOD: Seeking to gain an electoral foothold in Kerala, BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Tuesday trashed the two major political combines LDF and UDF and said the state had become a nursery of terrorism owing to the friendly match between them.

    Modi harped on themes such as internal security, the Enrica Lexie case, women's safety and the lack of development in the state during a rally in Kasaragod. BJP state secretary K Surendran is giving a minor fright to CPM MP P Karunakaran and Congress challenger T Siddique in Kasaragod constituency.

    "The LDF and the UDF have an unwritten agreement that they would take turns to rule the state every five years and have agreed to cover up their crimes," Modi said. "The land of tourism has now been converted into a nursery of terrorism and the state that was known for its peace has lost that status due to the LDF and the UDF."

    Targeting Union defence minister A K Antony, he said the Congress leader was not concerned about the welfare of Malayali expatriates. He then accused chief minister Oommen Chandy of taking a negative stand in the Enrica Lexie case, in which two Italian marines are accused of shooting dead two Indian fishermen. "Can the chief minister, prime minister and defence minister tell in which jail the Italian marines accused of killing the fishermen are lodged?" he said.

    He blamed the Congress for the unsafe environment for women. "Of the top 10 states notorious for crimes against women, six are ruled by the Congress and the rest by its allies, while not even a single state ruled by the BJP is in the list," said Modi.

    He said Kerala had been forced to bring everything from rice to salt from outside. "Kerala can at least produce the salt needed for the whole country, but the state has to bring even that from outside," he said.

    Modi also expressed solidarity with endosulfan victims and arecanut farmers, two voter communities that could determine the outcome in Kasaragod.

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