Modernize defence doctrines to respond to security threats: PM

Discussion in 'International Politics' started by Shilpa.Sharma, Oct 22, 2010.

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    Observing that terrorism was being used to destroy the core values of the country, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today asked the armed forces to remain a step ahead of terrorists to ensure their defeat.


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    Why modernize a doctrine?...its wierd...I guess the PM has been misquoted here or he must have told it unintentionally.
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    This is the usual tripe that the political leaders invited to address seminar speak.

    They want to impress without knowing a sausage about what they are talking about.

    Doctrines are not like pulling rabbits out of a hat! There has to be a policy statement emanating from a National Strategy. Unfortunately, that is not there since the politicians and bureaucrats have no clue as to what it should be and they are not ready to have even a draft policy paper from the Services, lest they are proved to be what they are!

    Now, how are the Armed Forces to stay one step ahead of the terrorists? Now, which terrorist was he talking about? Is it the Pakistan sponsored one? If so, will he allow what is popularly known as 'hot pursuit' or attacking their bases across the LC (there are enough terrorist turned pro govt and they can be used with proper remuneration, in case the govt has cold feet of using organised govt forces)?

    Or is he talking about the Maoists? If so, how about training the CRPF in real earnest and in the interim have the BSF operating since they have adequate anti terrorist experience instead of making the CRPF mere gun fodder to the embarrassment of the Nation.

    It is the terrorists and the sympathisers who are one step ahead as was seen by the Seminar being allowed in Delhi of all anti Indian elements. It is all very well to say that our democracy is robust to weather all types of storm and yet, it is another thing to allow terrorists and their sympathisers a VIP treatment and giving the impression that they are beyond the law of the country.

    If Vaiko can be arrested for sedition, then why are these characters being allowed to move around like peacocks raining hatred towards the Indian Union?

    And anyway, the doctrines are modern and uptodate, with no thanks to the Govt. If only the politicians get their act together and spell out what they want, it would make the job of all elements of the security organisations easier!

    Chidambaram is the only one who is sincere about tackling the issue but he is opposed by the eye on the vote bank experts like Diggy Raja and their like. And the PM dithers when in actuality he should box the erstwhile local satrap of MP's ears!
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