MoD, services must be integrated: V K Singh

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    It's time India appointed a chief of defence staff, former Army chief and newly elected Ghaziabad MP Gen V K Singh tells TOI's Ayaskant Das. Excerpts.

    You almost equalled Modi's victory margin of 5.7 lakh votes in a seat where BJP was virtually written off over Rajnath Singh's perceived 'non-performance'. How did you effect this turnaround?

    My single-minded objective was to reach out to the 24.2 lakh people in the constituency. For me, this was fresh soil that I had to cultivate. People turned out in large numbers because they wanted change. There was wanted change. Ther hope in what Modi promised. All these combined to make a difference.

    It's expected you'll be part of the defence ministry. Do you think it's time to create the post of chief of defence staff?

    A chief of defence staff (CDS) is needed. You need one point where all defence needs can be handled holistically. We have had objections in this from the Air Force, etc, for some time. I think those were specious arguments. I feel a CDS is needed. We need to formulate how this organization will perform. Ours has to be an indigenous model.

    Are you in favour of integrating the ministry and the Services?

    It must be integrated. The world does it that way. Together with a combined chief of defence services. You need expertise. You don't need a chap coming in from, say , postal services to spend four to five years in the ministry and go back to the postal services. What expertise does he have? He doesn't even understand which end of the gun fires.

    Why did you oppose Lt Gen Dalbir Singh Suhag's appointment as the new Army chief? Did you think it was a political move?

    The name was announced two months early. What was the hurry? Now, a question mark's placed on the man. What people are going to say is that he must have obliged the Congress government. This is avoidable. By taking such a decision, you show that there is political interference.

    Will that be a point of discomfort between the Army and the new government?

    I don't know. Let government be formed. So many things are going on. The man in question is Ravi Dastane, who's been denied justice. On June 1, 2 and 3, 2012, the vacancy existed for an Army commander. Dastane was senior-most at the time. Why wasn't he promoted?

    Finally, what was Modi's role in bringing you into politics?

    I came into politics myself. Modi asked me to contest from Ghaziabad, not my area, and show him the results. I did.

    MoD, services must be integrated, says V K Singh - The Times of India
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    That sums up all :

    Implement :-

    Recommendations of Kargil Review Committee of 1999

    Recommendations of ministerial review by a Group of Ministers.

    Recommendations of the Task Force on Management of Defence, headed by Mr. Arun Singh

    Recommendations on changes in procurement and acquisition process,

    Recommendations on evolving long term perspective plans,

    Appoint Chief of Defence Staff (CDS)

    Put in place a Strategic Force Command

    Put in place the three commands namely Special operations Command, Cyber Security Command abd Aero space command

    Revamp and strengthen tri-Service Andaman & Nicobar Command.

    For Army :

    Put in place North Eastern Command besides Eastern Command as Eastern Command is very wide spread.

    Strategic Command based on Central Command

    Create assets of Aviations

    Create assets for Amphibious Forces.
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    My personal opinion is that we need to evolve to 6 commands instead of the current 3.

    Even from the NDA days when GCs choose among any of the 3 avenues, they must now be given the option to choose among 6 avenues instead.

    1> Army Command
    2> Navy Command
    3> Air Force Command
    4> Special Forces Command
    5> Space Command
    6> Cyber Command

    Similarly, there should be now 6 Chief-of-Staffs under 1 Chief of Defence Staff.

    @Ray @Kunal Biswas is this idea worth considering?
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    LOVE this command structure we can makes some changes as per our needs


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