Mizoram vows action against Hmar

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    Hmar is the name of one of the numerous Chin-Kuki-Mizo tribes of India, and are recognised as Scheduled Tribe under the 6th Schedule of the Constitution of India.

    The Hmar People's Convention (HPC) was established as a political party in 1986. The group advocates for the rights of members of the Hmar people. The group was formed following the conclusion of peace between Indian central government and the Mizo National Front (MNF) on 30 June 1986, which did not take into account the Hmar wish for autonomy. Their main demand is to create an autonomous region in the north and northeast of Mizoram.

    Then there are the Reangs of Mizoram. They are popularly known in the North East as Reangs. They are the non-Christian tribe, whose original name is Bru. They inhabited the southern parts of the Christian dominated state of Mizoram. Being non-Christian in a Christian state had its price.

    Repeatedly subjected to persecution at the hands of the Mizo population as well as the political dispensation the Reangs – or the Bru people – were finally hounded out of the state during prolonged communal strife in 1997. It is 14 years since they had become refugees in their own land. Escaping from the marauders thousands of Reangs – men, women and children – fled into the neighbouring state of Tripura. For the last 14 years they have been living there in 7 different relief camps.

    However, Mizoram is majority Christians and the Church plays an important role in the body politic of Mizoram.

    With all this turbulence happening, Mizoram is in the cusp of serious ethnic and religious troubles and the Church would be hard pressed to enforce its dominance, more so, with a Central Govt that is not too inclined to promote Christianity and Christian thoughts.
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