Missile blasts during Bulgarian military drills

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    Missile blasts during Bulgarian military drills
    2009-09-04 23:15:05 GMT2009-09-05 07:15:05 (Beijing Time) Xinhua English

    SOFIA, Sept. 4 (Xinhua) -- An anti-aircraft missile exploded on Friday shortly after its launch during military drills of the Bulgarian Army near the northeastern town of Shabla, local media reported.

    The rocket exploded 50 meters up in the air a second after the launch in front of the eyes of Defense Minister Nikolay Mladenov and President Georgi Parvanov, who is also the Bulgarian Commander-in-Chief.

    No one was killed or injured by the explosion but the drills had to be terminated for some time. The explosion originated in the engine of the anti-aircraft missile, whereas its head fell into the sea and will be recovered by divers.

    "Unfortunately, this incident shows that we are working with outdated equipment. The conclusion is that we need to restore the priorities of our armed forces," Defense Minister Mladenov commented after the explosion.

    Missile blasts during Bulgarian military drills - World News - SINA English

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