Mirage F1 ends last combat mission for France

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    March 14, 2013, ceremony at the air base colors "Kossei" welcomed 30 years of presence and engagement fighter Mirage F1 in Africa. Now they leave their place Rafale aircraft in Operation Sparrowhawk .


    During the ceremony, the Force Commander, Colonel Lawrence Rataud first recalled the history of the Mirage F1 in N'Djamena. It began in 1983 when F1 C made ​​their first mission in Operation Manta . A year later, they were alongside the Jaguar to perform, from Bangui, armed reconnaissance mission, a mission in which the plane captain Michel Croci was killed by fire from a rebel column. In memory of Captain died for France, the camp in Abeche, located 800 kilometers from the capital, now bears his name.

    They also protected the raid that neutralized Jaguar track Wadi Doum February 16, 1986, raid that marked the beginning of Operation Sparrowhawk .

    After a short period of absence, the Mirage F1 returned in 1997 to achieve 100 successive detachments until today. Complementarities of Mirage F1CR specializing in the recognition, and Mirage F1CT, specializing in conventional assault, led to a mixed format. The detachment then implements three Mirage F1CR and three Mirage F1CT. Since September 2012, after the departure of F1CT, there are more than two F1CR. This provides three core capabilities: aerial reconnaissance, the deterrent presence and fire support gun or bomb.

    Simultaneously with other commitments in Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan, many operations have succeeded in Africa for the Mirage F1. During their missions, they participated in the protection of Rwandan refugees in Zaire in Operation Turquoise in 1994, but also during the operation EUFOR CHAD / RCA in 2008 for Sudanese refugees from Darfur. They also helped protect the evacuation of nationals in Zaire in 1997 Brazzaville and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) the following year. In the summer of 2003, Mirage F1CR were deployed to Entebbe in Uganda while Mirage F1CT were reinforced by the Mirage 2000D Nancy. A Mirage F1CR was hit during a reconnaissance mission in the region. Other reconnaissance and demonstration of force were conducted during the operation Benga in 2006 in Libreville. We must also add to this long list operations Almandine , Dorca , Unicorn , Boali or more support to RESEVAC conducted in Chad.

    This year, the Mirage F1CR hunters were the first to land in Bamako under the operation Serval . The pilots have been conducted missions support the barrel and recognition.

    Between detachments "Hawk 1" in 1997 and "Hawk 100" today, more than 13 000 operational missions were performed by CT and F1CR detachment force hawk hunting in 32,000 flight hours. The Force Commander Hawk, also paid tribute to the CNE Chalier who lost his life during a mission in Moussoro in 1991. He also praised the work of 500 pilots and 4000 mechanics that have followed, from the prestigious Reconnaissance Squadrons 1/33 Belfort , 2/33 Savoie , 3/33 Moselle , the Regiment de Chasse 2/30 Normandie Niemen , Groupe de Chasse 1/30 'Alsace' Squadron and Fighter 3/33 'Lorraine'. The Mirage F1 in Chad leave air base on March 16 and will give way to different squadrons Rafale which now compose the detachment force hunting hawk .

    Despite leaving the force Hawk , the Mirage F1 do not take much for a definitive line operational career in the world. Indeed, from the month of May, they will be deployed in Lithuania as part of Operation Baltic . This operation, which falls within the framework of NATO, is a police mission from heaven above the three Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania).

    Tchad-: départ des Mirage F1 de la base aérienne 172 «-Adji Kosseï-» de N’Djamena
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