Military & Media: Can they work together?

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    NewsWarrior: Military & Media: Can they work together?
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    One thing proved beyond doubt after the Vietnam war is that no matter how you well fare in the physical war, you need to have the media in your corner. Negative publicity can lose you the war.

    Foreign examples may be given to underline this fact, but the best example for us is the Kargil War itself. It was the aggressive (if at times utterly irresponsible) media reporting that helped swung world opinion in our favor.

    It is to our credit that when the International news agencies reported on this story, people around the world saw Indian guns opening up on Tiger Hill on their TV sets. When BBC and Reuters and CNN made their reports, they referred to stories by Indian journalists writing India's side. Whether we admit it or not, we had handed Pakistan a propaganda defeat long before the guns fell silent.

    Nay, when Pakistani media reported the Kargil war, they used Indian footage. And that made a very powerful impact on the Pak psyche, seeing Indian guns blazing at their forces.

    This is something that must be nurtured and at the same time carefully contained. If we had a hostile media on the lines of the American media of the 1960-70s, during the Kashmir crisis of the 90s, we would have had a very difficult time gathering international support.
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