Militants blast two schools in Mohmand Agency

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    Militants blast two schools in Mohmand Agency | The Nation

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    It is extremely deplorable to see these acts taking place in a country where every political party has overhauling the education system as their primary agenda, outlined in their manifestos for the next elections.

    Pakistan, unlike India, has a non-English lingua franca known as Urdu, that about 75% of the population can understand. In India, Hindi, is the only closest thing to their lingua franca (other than English, a colonial hang-up like "Bombay" or "Bangalore") and is understood by 40% of the people, at most (any contradictions will be welcome).

    In Pakistan, there is an unfair system where there is an elitist class that has the wealth to send their kids to the best of schools at home, and for higher education, abroad. American schools offered to make small satellites campuses in Islamabad, like in the Middle East, but much, much smaller, only to cater to the needs of these elitists so as to "avoid the rich from worrying about spending extra money to pay for the room-and-board in America" - God bless capitalism :rofl:

    Conversely, there's a class of people that speak Urdu only and English is not understood by them and neither are they educated. Then, there's the Arabization of Pakistan with about 1 million kids taking part in the system of Arabic Madressas.

    The solution to educate Pakistanis would be what Turkey did or what Indonesia has - Latin alphabet for the indigenous language so when one switches over to other European languages, they can access higher education through there without difficulty. The Persian script of Urdu will be rendered useless and it is not necessary as the Arabic script will be the only other script required for people to learn about their faith.

    After having to learn three different scripts, like in the province of Sind, now, Chinese has been made mandatory in that province - kids would now have to learn four different languages.

    Anywhoo, the original poster needs to take a look at what the Defense Secretary of his newly adopted country (the one for which he or she left his Indian passport for), had to say. ET India reports that Chuck Hagel said "India finances problems for Pakistan from Afghanistan"

    Mohmand Agency is part of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas bordering Afghanistan and pre-Indian presence, no such cases of extremism had taken place. That's not to say that extremism is not a problem, but it's financing and abetting is definitely of severe concern.
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    After reading the title I estimated these to be girls schools but boys it is.
    The terrorists are in need of young recruits.

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