Middleman told AgustaWestland to ‘target’ Sonia advisers

Discussion in 'Politics & Society' started by vram, Feb 1, 2014.

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    Queen BEE will not fly the mi-8 copters no more...its is not hifi or special enough for the QUEEN and imported godess of India...that is reserved only for filthy Indian soldiers

    By the way I think this pretty big shocker for the congress and too big to hide with inane and stupid replies by Kapil zero loss Sibal and manish Singhvi.

    Anyways is this the first time Sonia Gandhi's name has figured directly with relation to a corruption case? could the be the bofors of 2014?
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    Dec 13, 2013
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    Few days ago, I read in newspaper about a meeting of empowered group of ministers to consider dropping charges on Italian marines. This shocked me for three reasons - Firstly, India was considering this at a time when Devyani's case was at peak. Secondly, it shows total policy paralysis on part of India. As if Mr Khurshid was still unsatisfied with his earlier bungling of case whereby India has to give assurance that Italian marines will not be hanged. Lastly, I was linking it with Indian elections. Expecting the inevitability of INC's loss in elections, Mrs Gandhi wants to keep her options open and want to please Italy so that if need arises, she can seek asylum.
    I saw, the efforts made by the Indian govt, as most disgusting kind of slavery. For present govt, wishes of Ms Gandhi was paramount even over national interest. To me it brings forth the fact that you can either be an Indian or a Congressman - as you can owe allegiance to only one thing - either to India or to Gandhi Family. Same thing happened when Congressmen let the culprit of Bhopal gas explosion escape India - or when the Indian govt asked interpol to de-freeze Quattrochi's account and let him escape. Wonder when some nationalist govt will bring a law which will stop these kind of acts by corrupt politicians and will dare book all those who were involved in such previous acts under treason.

    Later heard that NIA is going ahead with the prosecution of Italian marines.

    Now this leak came.

    I see in it, a warning from Italy to Ms Gandhi that if India went ahead with the marines case, providing asylum is a remote possibility, Italy will leak enough material that will implicate Ms gandhi in corruption cases.

    Likely outcome - soon we will hear the news that presidential pardon has been given to marines, And it will happen before elections.

    I wonder when will India learn nationalism from countries like Italy. Indian politicians have time and again compromised with national interest either to serve the interest of One FAMILY OR to be on good terms/build personal relations with the people in other govt. What they fail to understand that even if they build such personal relations at the cost of India - their friends will never come to their aid when the need arises. Only one who can come to their aid is India itself and India can do it properly, it India is strong and if the politicians ensure that they do not misuse their power for petty gains. Else, others will see India as a weak willed nation which even a small nation like Italy can bully to. Strong India is necessary to protect its citizens. But Congressman are hell-bent to make it a banana republic.

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