Microbes to revolutionise desalination technology DRDO

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    The Defence Research and Development Orga-n-isation (DRDO) is revolutionising desalination by replacing the traditional power consuming method with bacterial microbes, which would eat up all salt in water to let out the fresh water for human consumption.

    In an informal chat with DC on the sidelines of an international conference on surface engineering at Rajalakshmi engineering college on Wednesday, former secretary (department of defence R&D) Dr V. K. Saraswat said that Defence Research & Development Establ-ishment (DRDE), Gwal-ior had embarked on a mission to use bacteria for desalination.

    “The traditional meth-od consumes lot of energy and is expensive whe-reas our new technology is cost efficient as it works on natural proc-ess,” he said.

    Elaborating more on the path breaking technology, Dr Saraswat said the DRDE would put up a pilot plant in Gwalior and later produce micr-obes on a large-scale to power other such desalination plants, which would come up in future. Dr Saraswat, who recently superannuated as director general of DRDO and scientific advisor to the defence minister, said he would work on areas like energy security and clean coal technology.

    “The government has made a fund for clean coal technology. When you work on gasification as it’s the answer to clean coal technology, we are going in for integrated gasification and combustion cycle that will give output of only carbon-dioxide without any pollutant,” he said.

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