MI5 foiled plot to target Rajiv Gandhi in 1985

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    MI5 foiled plot to target Rajiv Gandhi in 1985


    London, Oct 7 (PTI) A plan by Khalistani and Kashmiri militants to assassinate the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi during his visit to the UK in 1985 was foiled by Britain's internal intelligence agency MI5.

    "Good intelligence, combined with the arrests of Sikh and Kashmiri extremists, was believed to have frustrated plots to attack Rajiv Gandhi during his state visit," Cambridge historian Prof Christopher Andrew has said in his book 'The Defence Of The Realm'.

    The book, the first official history of Mi5, says that after the Operation Bluestar in the Golden Temple in June 1984, there was sudden emergence of Sikh extremism, particularly in the UK.

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