Mexican gangs using catapults to hurl pot into US !

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    HERMOSILLO (MEXICO): Drug smugglers are using an ancient invention as a new way to move marijuana across the border from Mexico to Arizona.

    The discovery of two "drug catapults'' in the Mexican state of Sonora marks the latest twist in the cat-andmouse game traffickers play with authorities. US national guard troops operating a remote surveillance system at the Naco border patrol station say they observed several people preparing a catapult and launching packages over the fence late last week.

    A Mexican army officer says the 3-meter tall catapult was found about 20 meters from the US border on a flatbed towed by a sports utility vehicle. He says soldiers seized 16 kilograms of pot, the vehicle and the catapult. A second catapult was discovered near Agua Prieta, another border town. Mexican officials say it is the first time they have seen this smuggling method used by local traffickers.

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