Men behind ‘Nanga Parbat massacre’ arrested

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    GILGIT: The Diamer Police on Monday claimed a major breakthrough in the investigation of the Nanga Parbat massacre by arresting over 20 attackers following a targeted operation.

    The Nanga Parbat massacre took place in late June this year when ten people including foreign climbers and a Pakistani cook were gunned down at the base camp.

    “We have arrested some 20 men in connection with the killings of locals and foreigners. We reached the hideouts of the terrorists involved in the assassination of security officials, foreign tourists and sectarian killings on Karakoram Highway and Naran-Kaghan road (Lolo Sar) after tremendous efforts,” Superintendent of Police Diamer District Muhammad Navid said.

    “These men also carried out sectarian killings during 2012 in Harban Das, Lolo Sar points in which Shia passengers were lined up after identification and shot dead,” he informed.

    He added that men were behind the killings of foreign tourists in Diamori Point of Bunar Das and the investigators of Nanga Parbat massacre including a SSP, a colonel and a captain were also traced.

    He lauded the joint efforts of Pak Army, law enforcement agencies and police in apprehending the criminals and added: “The intelligence agencies played a pivotal role during the operation.”

    “In another two days, we will reveal more details about the terrorists that we have arrested. Due to the sensitivity of the issue, we can’t give out anymore information,” the official said.

    He added that the arrested individuals would be tried in Diamer district court and none of them would be sent to any other place.
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    Pindliyon ka gooda
    This police success in Pakistan reminds me of an old story..

    In the good old days of the 1960s when Pakistan was said to be the economic tiger of the Middle east there was a competition held in Pakistan between the police forces of Lahore, New York, Tokyo and Berlin. Two goats were released into a forest and each police force had to use whatever tech they had at their disposal to catch the goats.

    The New York police threw in vehicles and radios and helicopters and by the end of the day they had their goats

    The Berlin police started in the morning and with clockwork efficiency they got the goats by evening

    The Tokyo police went out quietly and returned quietly in 6 hours with the goats

    Finally the Lahore police went, cheered on by cries of Allah ho Akbar. They didn't reappear for a week. Since it was getting time for everyone to go home - all three foreign police forces cooperated to locate the Lahore police in the forest. They found the policemen with two men tied to trees. Both had been tortured and the Lahore police declared "We got them! We have got written confessions signed by these men that they are goats"
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