Meira Kumar took trips abroad every 37 days

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    Meira Kumar took trips abroad every 37 days

    NEW DELHI: Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar has undertaken as many 29 foreign trips in 35 months since assuming the high office which means she has gone on a trip nearly every 37 days.

    The former IFS officer has visited 28 countries accompanied by MPs belonging to various parties as well as senior officials of the Lok Sabha secretariat incurring a total expenditure of nearly Rs 10 crore, according to information given to activist Subhash Agrawal under RTI Act.

    The country most visited by her is Switzerland, which is essentially in connection with Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) work, according to details furnished by the Lok Sabha secretariat.

    Kumar, who was elected Speaker on June 3, 2009 has, in all, travelled abroad for 146 days till April 30 this year.

    For IPU work, Kumar has undertaken seven visits to four countries - Switzerland four times, while once each to the USA, Panama and, Thailand.

    In addition, she visited Trinidad and Tobago, UK, Sri Lanka, Isle of Man, Swaziland, Kenya and Tanzania for the work related to Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, the reply said.

    Kumar also took parliamentary delegations to Italy, Austria, Mauritius, Bhutan, Hungary, Luxembourg, Mongolia, Mexico, Vietnam, Republic of Korea, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, Iran, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay.

    In five visits to the USA, Trinidad and Tobago, Sri Lanka, Isle of Man and Swaziland, she was only accompanied by the officials of the Parliament while in rest of the visits she was also accompanied by MPs.

    According to the reply, total expenses on these visits were Rs 9.89 crore. She also gave gifts worth Rs 11.66 lakh to her hosts.

    Meira Kumar took trips abroad every 37 days - The Times of India
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    'Andher Nagri Chopat Raja' -- The kind of leader we have had for past 65 years, makes me wonder how have we survived the looting and plundering by the sarkari babus, Mediamen, Political and Corporate Dallals and by Political Families. Due to secrecy and red tapism we will never get to know how much exchequer has been misused. These bastarD$%^ take this country and tax payers money as their birth right to plunder! Need to change the GOI and get bureaucratic reforms, and curtail the power of bureaucracy by instilling more openness in the dealing of the GOI.
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    not pointing a finger at anyone - as i dont know enough to do so - but we can be glad that there is intropection in this important area , these days - foreign trips by govt officials - it's a good start to the beginning of the end of corruption
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    Make her President then the trip will be every weekend ......fhokat ka chanda ghis mere lal....:frusty:

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