Maya demands dalits in drafting panel

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    As reported by many channels yesterday, Mayawati has taken umbrage at exclusion of dalits from the drafting committee for the Lokpal Bill. She wants the panel to be constituted.

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    Peer into future and many objections will be raised.

    - Maoists want tribals in the panel.

    -AIMPLB demanded inclusion of minorities in the panel. It also invoked MMS doctrine that muslims have the first claim on India. It was supported by Romila Thapar et al, who went one further. Muslims are the only lawful claimants of India.

    - Arundhati Roy wants that only a Pakistani [han se piara pakistan] should be the Lokpal. Ran Vilas was moderate. He wanted only a muslim as a Lokpal, else NO Lokpal.

    - Teesta filed an affidavit stating that Narendra Modi was behind exclusion of muslims from the panel.

    - NDTV had a panel discussion with Pakistani public figures who unanimously declared that Lokpal was anti muslim, and Indo-Pak relationships would be harmed irrepairably.

    - Laloo has reportedly acquired a new road roller. Whom will he crush. Pros or antis?


    Lokpal's birth was still born.

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