Mauritius and India Sign Contact for Acquisition of Dornier Aircraft

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    The Government of Mauritius signed an agreement with Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL), India for the acquisition of a Dornier aircraft for the Mauritius Police Force. The agreement worth US 16 million dollars was signed yesterday in Port Louis by the Senior Chief Executive of the Prime Minister's Office, Mrs K.O Fong Weng-Poorun, and the Managing Director of HAL, Mr S. Subrahmanyan.

    The High Commissioner of India, Mr A.K Mudgal; the Commissioner of Police, Mr D.I Rampersad; the Commander of the National Coast Guard, Mr R. Kohli; the General Manager of HAL, Mr V.K Joshi; and the Minister Counsellor, Mr V. Mungur, were present at the ceremony.

    The new Dornier aircraft is capable of undertaking long range maritime surveillance up to 700 km from the coastline during day and night. It will be equipped with a state-of-the-art maritime surveillance radar system which can track up to 2000 vessels, ships or objects within a range of 400 km. Its latest electro optic and sensor has a system for recording during day and night.

    The aircraft will also be fitted with a host of advanced avionics and radio equipment including Traffic Collision Avoidance System, Satellite Communication, Automatic Identification System, weather radar with a multifunctional colour display and advanced communication system.

    With its advanced systems with high operational flexibility and low operating cost, the new Dornier aircraft will be used for several purposes including EEZ/coastal monitoring, maritime surveillance against illegal activities, search and rescue operations, antipiracy missions in armed configuration, pollution monitoring and control, and island support particularly to Agaléga and Rodrigues including casualty evacuation.

    In her address Mrs Fong Weng-Poorun said that the signing of the contract between Mauritius and the Indian aeronautical firm is yet another testimony of the close and unique relationship shared between the two countries. She pointed out that the new Dornier aircraft will no doubt go a long way in enhancing the surveillance capacity of the Mauritius Police Force and particularly the National Coast Guard. With the acquisition of the CGS Barracuda, two Water Jet Fast Patrol vessels, 10 Fast Interceptor boats and one Dornier aircraft, the Mauritian Coast Guard will become one of the leading Coast Guards in the region, she stated.

    She recalled that at present the National Coast Guard has a fleet of two Dornier aircrafts and one Defender aircraft. In view of security threats including piracy and for the effective development of the ocean economy, there is a need to further reinforce the fleet of aircrafts to ensure the surveillance of the large continental shelf of around 2.3 million km2, said the SCE.

    For his part the High Commissioner of India, Mr A.K Mudgal, said that the signing of the contract represents a very important milestone in the partnership between Mauritius and India. He reiterated his commitment that the new aircraft will be of very good quality with much improved safety features. Speaking about HAL, he said that it is a very tested and trustworthy partner in the aeronautical sector, with an impressive product track record.

    It is to be recalled that following the State visit of the Prime Minister, Dr Navinchandra Ramgoolam, to India in February 2012, the Government of India agreed to offer an economic package, including a line of credit of USD 250 million, under which a sum of USD 64 million was earmarked for defence purposes. Mauritius and India Sign Contact for Acquisition of Dornier Aircraft

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