Maulvi arrested for sexually abusing teen

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    Sayed Muneer, 50, the maulvi of a mosque in Ramanagaram, has been arrested on charges of sexually abusing a minor girl.
    Muneer was picked up from his home in Ramanagaram after the 14-year-old complained that he sexually abused her while treating her for being “possessed by a spirit“, po lice said.

    The teenager, a resident of So manahalli vil lage, was admit ted to Mandya Medical College Hospital after she complained of severe stomach ache. Doctors found her to be suffering from a pelvic infection. When they noticed the girl behaving awkwardly , they questioned her. She then revealed she was sexually abused by the maulvi when she visited him along with her parents.

    The doctors registered a medico-legal case and informed Mandya police. “Initially, her statements were vague and confusing. Later, Ramanagaram district police took up the investigation because the offence happened in Ramanagaram town,“ police told TOI.

    Ramanagaram police registered an FIR against Muneer on Wednesday and searched his home. “The girl said Muneer had sexually tormented her. He allegedly inserted an iron rod into her private parts.
    Fearing social stigma and a threat from the perpetrator, she did not reveal the truth for a month. But the incident disturbed her mentally . When she fell ill, she finally spoke up,“ said police.

    Maulvi arrested for sexually abusing teen

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