Mark lippert, u.s. Ambassador to south korea, attacked

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    U.S. Ambassador Mark Lippert was slashed on the face and wrist by a man wielding a blade and screaming that the rival Koreas should be unified, South Korean police said Thursday. Media images showed a stunned-looked Lippert staring at his blood-covered left hand and holding his right hand over a cut on the right side of his face, his pink tie splattered with blood.

    The U.S. State Department condemned the attack, which happened at a performing arts center in Seoul as the ambassador was preparing for a lecture, and said Lippert was being treated at a local hospital and his injuries weren't life threatening.

    YTN TV reported that the man — identified by police as a 55-year-old, surnamed Kim — screamed during the attack, "South and North Korea should be reunified."

    The suspect also shouted anti-war slogans after he was detained, and Seoul police say the weapon used had a 25-centimeter blade.
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    Yeah, USA was shit scared when we removed a couple of traffic barrier. GoI assurance wasn't enough for them. They cried at the top of their voice. As usual as we are incompetent third world desis.

    What USA has to say about the security at above venue, where they failed to detect a weapon with a blade of 25cms? Shit happens? right?

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