Mao in demand than ever in China

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    Not withstanding what our honourable Chinese posters have to say, there is no doubt that the CCP has taken serious cognisance of the discarding of Chinese cultural values by the yuppies of China.

    Indeed it is dangerous for the CCP and dangerous for the Chinese nationalism that has fuelled China to their present state from being a poor agrarian society besotted with famine and shortages.

    Indeed, Mao, even if repressive like Stalin, was the real architect of Modern China having dragged China over the coals with his ruthless ways.

    Xi realise that.

    Xi and the CCP are resolved to clean up the new psyche of materialism over everything that has afflicted the Chinese.

    There is no doubt that affluence leads to individualism over the societal and national needs. People do become selfish and work only for themselves.

    Xi has the wise acumen to fathom this and is bent on cleaning the Chinese society of the evils of greed that leads to individualism casting aside the old values that has made China what it is today.

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