Man who appeared on Aamir ]khap show shot, - honour killing

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    Man who appeared on Aamir Khan’s khap show shot, wife says it’s honour killing

    It was a death foretold. Before he was gunned down in broad daylight on November 24, Abdul Hakim, 29, who had appeared on Aamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate to speak out against khap panchayats, knew of a possible plot to eliminate him. An hour after he complained to the police about it, he was shot dead.

    He is survived by his pregnant wife, Mahwish, 24, and 18-month-old daughter.

    “My family did this. They have been threatening to do this since 2010, when we eloped. They said he was from a lower section of society and I could not marry him. What society orders someone’s death?” said Mahwish.

    After eloping in October 2010, the couple fled from their village of Adholi to Delhi, where they were provided shelter by an organisation called Love Commandos.......

    “He and Yusuf identified Haroon and returned home. My husband had to go and get some medicines for me since I am due to give birth any day now. Five minutes after he left, a boy came running to the village and screamed that five men had grabbed Hakim,” said Mahwish........

    In his FIR, Yusuf has named Salman Iqbal, Gullu, Malik, Asif and Sarvar. The latter two are Mahwish’s relatives. “Mahwish’s family, the landlords of our village of Adholi, were always against the marriage. They had even issued a fatwa for their deaths,” alleged Yusuf.

    But the police have denied charges of an honour killing. “So far, we believe it was a personal enmity between Hakim and Salman Iqbal. Investigations show that Hakim had misbehaved with Salman’s mother on Saturday, after which Salman shot Hakim,” said SSP Gulab Singh.

    “This was an issue between two people from the same village, between Salman and Hakim. The couple have been living here for four months without any such incident,” he said, adding that while Asif has been arrested, the others would soon be nabbed...

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    Man who appeared on Aamir KhanÂ’s khap show shot, wife says itÂ’s honour killing - Indian Express


    Note the attitude of the Police.

    With such type of guardians of law, where is there any hope in hell that we can reform and modernise society and make it contemporary?

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