Man takes dead ex-wife on European 'trip'

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    Man takes dead ex-wife on European 'trip'

    London: A man jilted by his ex-wife first kidnapped and then strangled her. He then took her body on a trip across Europe by road and finally dumped it in a shallow grave, a court has heard.
    Lithuanian-born Rimas Venclovas, 47, was outraged to find that his ex-wife Vitalija Baliutaviciene, 29, had a new lover in Britain, Daily Mail reported.

    Baliutaviciene's body was found by a mushroom-picker in a remote wood in western Poland two months after she went missing from her home in the British cathedral city of Peterborough, last August.

    Prosecutors told the Old Bailey that Venclovas meticulously plotted his ex-wife's abduction after learning about her new life, applied for a fake passport and used her lover's credit card in order to avoid getting caught.

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