Man killed in altercation over Re 1

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    Man killed in altercation over Re 1
    India - 21 may 2011

    AHMEDABAD: A 46-year-old man was bludgeoned to death by two youths near Ghuma on Friday night following a fight over payment of Re 1. The victim had confronted the youths when they refused to pay Re 1 to owner of a cycle repair shop.

    Bopal police have arrested the duo and charged them with murder.

    According to police, two youths came to Ganpat Thakor's cycle repair shop in Falgun Complex in Ghuma and asked him to fill air in both the wheels at 8.30 am.

    "The youths then offered a Rs 10 note. Thakor asked them to get change. When the youths told him that they would pay later, Thakor said that it was the first transaction of the day and they should pay the amount even if it is insignificant.

    The youths then attacked him with the pump and fractured his hand. At that time, Thakor's brother Karshanji reached there. He used to work with Ganpat at the shop," said a Bopal police station official.

    Hot-headed, Karshanji took up the fight. The youths also got angry and picked up heavy stones near the shop and assaulted him. Karshanji soon collapsed and was rushed to a nearby private hospital, where the doctors declared him brought dead.

    Police have arrested Mukesh Chandolia and his friend Hitesh for the murder. The duo was caught by nearby residents after the incident and handed over to police.

    The officials said that the duo was working as watchmen at Basant Bahar bungalows in Ghuma.

    Source; The Times of India

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