Malaysian Muslims are getting crazier day by day : Malaysian Obedient Wives Club

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    Malaysian Obedient Wives Club Launches Sex Guide

    It seems a strange way to build up support for traditional Islamic beliefs, but Malaysia’s Obedient Wives Club says it is all right for a husband to have sex with all of his wives at the same time. In some circumstances, it might even be encouraged.

    “Islamic sex” — whatever that is — also appears to be a fresh weapon against Judaism, at least according to a new sex manual published by the group this week called “Islamic Sex: Fighting Jews to Return Islamic Sex to the World.”

    A pro-polygamy group, the Obedient Wives Club, isn’t a stranger to controversy and previously has embarrassed many mainstream Muslims in this multicultural country with its pronouncements. While polygamy is legal for Muslims, this year the group’s vice president, Rohaya Mohamad, angered women’s rights groups here by advising its members to avoid marital problems by acting like a “first-class whore” in bed. “Rather than allowing him to sin, a woman must do what she can to ensure her husband’s desires are met,” she told reporters in June.

    Read this Full.....Truly Malaysia is heading the same path as failed state pakistan with its new found obsession with Islam and urge to prove themselves as more Islamic than Wahabi Arabs and denouncing their past, soon bad times for Malaysian non-mulsims at the corner if we look at all the current happenings in Malaysia and how strictly they are implementing Sharia and establishing prominence of Sharia courts!!

    Malaysian Obedient Wives Club Launches Sex Guide to Fight Judaism - Southeast Asia Real Time - WSJ
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    Uhh.. did I hear right: "Obedient Wives Club says it is all right for a husband to have sex with all of his wives at the same time. In some circumstances, it might even be encouraged."

    Does anyone else envy the husbands married to members of this club? I think I do. :D
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    If not for its enterprising non muslim minorities that Malaysia would not be have become a modern economic power house.
    Those guys have become more radicalised as they grew richer. Maybe they want to become Saudi Arabia some day. If they could change their facial features they probably would want to look like Arabs instead of Mongloid.
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    World is getting dumber by the day.

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