Malabar royals to claim Rs 5,000 crore from Saudi govt

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    MALAPPURAM: Forty-five descendants of the Arakkal family, erstwhile rulers of the Malabar coast, will jointly stake a claim for Rs 5,000 crore due to them as compensation from the sultanate of Saudi Arabia.

    The Saudi government had stipulated a compensation amount of Rs 400 crore in 1971 after demolishing a bungalow built by Mayin Kutty Keyi, married to Arakkal Beevi of the Arakkal family, in Mecca to provide shelter to Hajis from Kerala.

    Keyi Rubath was constructed at Haram Sherief near Ka'aba in 1848. It was demolished by Saudi government in 1971 as part of the Haram extension. The government had fixed 1.4 million Saudi riyal as compensation but the amount was not released since the Saudi government was not convinced about the claimants.

    Till the successors were traced, the government decided to invest it in Auqaf department. A main reason that delayed the disbursal was the row between the Arakkal and Keyi families. Both families approached the Saudi government several times claiming to be Keyi's real heirs but all their applications were rejected.

    The Keyi family, citing that Mayin Kutty Keyi had no relation with the Arakkal family when he had purchased the property, claimed that they were the real inheritors. But the Arakkal family argued that Mayankutty Keyi, subsequent to his marriage with Arakkal Beevi, had accepted the title 'Ilaya' and hence they were the legal heirs. The Arakkal family also cited 'History of Keyis in Malabar' written by A P Ummer Kutty Ilaya in 1938, which stated that Mayin Kutty Keyi and Arakkal Muthubeevi had five children. In a memorandum submitted to Saudi officials, they pointed out that the Shariah follows only the marumakkathaya (matriarchal) system. Both families had pressurized successive Kerala governments to press claims on their behalf. Later, the Keyi family withdrew their claim.

    The Indian consulate in Saudi Arabia has now asked Arakkal family to appoint a legal advisor to submit a list of legal claimants. The direction follows a detailed examination of documents submitted by the Arakkal family. A list of 45 people who are the successors of the Arakkal Beevi will be submitted to Saudi government through a representative to be appointed with the help of the Indian consulate.

    A consulate letter advised the nomination of a "Mutawalli (legal advisor) in India. Thereafter the Mutawalli should select a suitable Saudi national as Nazir (representative). The Nazir thus selected will be authorized to pursue the case and claim the amount from Auqaf department."

    Malabar royals to claim Rs 5,000 crore from Saudi govt - The Times of India
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    They can forget it.

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