Maharashtra: Slum capital of India

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    Maharashtra: Slum capital of India
    India - 6 may 2011

    MUMBAI: A preliminary study conducted by the National Sample Survey Organization (NSSO) has revealed that Maharashtra, one of the country's most progressive states, has the dubious distinction of housing the largest slum population in India.

    According to a senior official in the housing department, the NSSO report pegs the current slum population
    in the state at 1.81 crore, an increase of a massive 38 lakh in one decade.

    In Mumbai too, there has been a marked rise—the 58 lakh slum population in 2001 has crossed the 70-lakh mark as of March 2011. The slum populace of other cities and states is much lower—while Delhi stands at 31.63 lakh, Karnataka is 36.31 lakh, Gujarat 46.62 lakh, Madhya Pradesh 63.93 lakh, Uttar Pradesh 1.08 crore and West Bengal 85.46 lakh. The total slum population of the country, which was 7.52 crore in 2001, is 9.3 crore today.

    The housing official said that although the government had drafted an ambitious plan for a slum-free India, and the Maharashtra government too had a Slum Rehabilitation Authority, they were unable to halt the ever-increasing shanties, particularly in Mumbai.

    Source: The Times of India
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    This is because lack of balls...
    When slums are being established these politicians will just watch it and after that they give electricity etc etc to these slums to get votes..kudos to India the biggest democracy..
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    The slum population has risen because Maharashtra is witnessing the most haphazard development of any of the states. Even Jharkhand, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh are witnessing more planned development. The only place where you can see a semblance of planning is in places like new-Bombay, Kolhapur and on the outskirts of cities like Nashik and Akshi.

    That said, even the slum dwellers in Mumbai could buy a decent house outside one of the other cities. The value of a one room tenament in Sion that measures 10 x 10 sq ft is nothing short of 20 lakh and in Santacruz, E slum rates have now just hit 16,000 a sq ft (meaning 16 lakh for a 10 x 10 sq ft slum).

    In the early 90's, you could buy a one-bedroom apartment in New-Bombay with that amount. They won't be able to hold out against builders, politicians (and the construction mafia) much longer.
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    IIRC, the planned development in Mumbai was stopped by SS, it was thought this would stop immigration into Mumbai. Ofcourse the immigration didn't stop, it just resulted in the growth of slums.

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