Maharashtra govt rejects Adarsh panel report indicting former CMs

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    Maharashtra govt rejects Adarsh panel report indicting former CMs

    Panel found 25 of the society's 102 members ineligible and 22 cases of benami purchase of flats.

    Maharashtra government has rejected the report of the judicial commission of inquiry on the Adarsh scam it tabled in the Legislative Assembly on Friday which indicted several politicians including three former Chief Ministers for "blatant violations" of statutory provisions.

    The report of the 2-member commission headed by retired high court judge J A Patil came down heavily on those in authority describing the scam as a "bad precedent" which reflected "greed, nepotism and favouritism" by those associated with it.

    The panel found 25 of the society's 102 members ineligible and 22 cases of benami purchase of flats.

    The report said Adarsh society enjoyed political patronage of former Chief Ministers, Vilasrao Deshmukh, Sushil Kumar Shinde and Ashok Chavan, former Revenue Minister Shivajirao Nlengekar Patil, former Minister for Urban Development Sunil Tatkare and former Minister of Urban Development Rajesh Tope.

    Ashok Chavan was the only Chief Minister charge sheeted in the scam by the CBI but Governor K Sankaranarayanan had refused sanction to the investigative agency to prosecute him a few days ago.

    The beneficiaries included politicians across the spectrum and their relatives.

    Those found ineligible for ownership of flats included former Maharashtra Assembly speaker Babasaheb Kupekar of NCP, former Shiv Sena MP Suresh Prabhu and three relatives of former Chief Minister Ashok Chavan, who had to step down after the scam surfaced.

    Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan said the decision on rejection of the findings of the inquiry commission was taken by the Cabinet "in the interest of the people".

    He, however, refused to elaborate on how the Cabinet's decision was in larger public interest.

    The much awaited report, which was submitted to the state government on April 18 this year was tabled in the House on the last day of the Winter Session today.

    The interim report was submitted to the state government on April 13, 2012 and the Action Taken Report (ATR) was tabled on the floor of the House on April 17, 2012.

    "Evidence clearly indicates that it is neither ideal

    (Adarsh) nor role model but a bad precedent. Adarsh is a saga

    of ideal co-operation but it is a shameless tale of blatant

    violations of statutory provisions, rule and regulations," the

    report said.

    It expressed "deep regret" over the "greed, nepotism and favouritism" involved in the scam.

    "It reflects greed, nepotism and favouritism on part of people who were in one way or the other associated with Adarsh. It is sad story of unscrupulous greed of some persons closely connected with the society.

    "Some persons not satisfied with the allotment of one single flat have tried and succeeded in securing flats for their nears and dear ones. They went to the extent of benami transactions in violation of provisions. That such an episode should take place in Maharashtra is a matter of deep regret," it said.

    The judicial panel, however, acknowledged the state government's ownership of the land and said it did not belong to Ministry of Defence, defence personnel nor was it reserved for Kargil martyrs or war veterans.

    Ashok Chavan, during whose tenure the scam surfaced, was among 13 people who were charge sheeted by CBI in connection with the case.

    Chavan had challenged his inclusion in the charge sheet, saying no sanction for prosecution was taken from the Governor which was countered by CBI which argued since he was a former minister at the time of being charge-sheeted, there was no need for sanction.

    The court had, however, directed the agency to get sanction for Chavan's prosecution which was denied, apparently leaving CBI with little choice but to close the case against him.

    CBI had alleged in its charge sheet that Chavan had increased the floor space index of the controversial Adarsh society in return for flats for his relatives. Chavan had also asked the housing society to take 40 per cent members from civilian category, when it was originally meant only for war veterans, CBI had alleged, adding that Chavan played a key role in the scam.

    Chavan's mother-in-law Bhagvati Sharma, sister-in-law Seema Sharma and father-in-law¿s brother Madanlal Sharma have flats in the society. All of them have been held ineligible by the judicial panel to own flats in the society.

    CBI had charged Chavan and 12 others for criminal conspiracy, cheating and criminal misconduct under Indian Penal Code and also under Prevention of Corruption Act.

    Maharashtra govt rejects Adarsh panel report indicting former CMs - Indian Express


    This is rather odd that the Maharastra Govt has rejected inditing former CMs for corrupt practices, when Rahul Gandhi, the Congress has claimed credit for the Lokpal Bill and that the Congress Party would be in the vanguard to root out corruption from the country!

    It is surprising that Rahul Gandhi has remained silent on this blatant endorsement of corruption in high places done by his party head honchos.

    It indicates that what Rahul Gandhi merely playing to the gallery and is merely parroting what sound very rousing to a people that is fed up to the gills with the corrupt practices of the political leaders.

    I am afraid that uless he comes clean on the issue, he will not make any mark on the people.

    As it is the people have lost faith in the Congress Party as the elections to the four States has shown.

    The Comeback Caliph is failing in all fronts!
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    I was in Mumbai last year on a personal trip,staying in the excellently done up accommodation at Colaba.

    During my morning walk up to the sea front near Taj, I asked a few locals en-route about what was this Adarsh scam ?

    nearly everyone was aware about the nexus of Politicians, Babus, Builders & shamefully in this case about Fauji's.

    some of our lot are genetically flawed,as when they rise to such high office their trading instincts come to the fore.

    Here is what came to my mind then, as I wrote it in long hand in my room that night.( it may have appeared elsewhere on this forum but there is a need to reinforce the dark humour.



    Pinkoo Halwai, belched, let loose a couple of angry farts and finally when relieved laughed out loudly. After years of hard work, which also meant adulterating mithais? In his sweet shop, his one and only son had managed to become the Chief of Army Staff of the third largest army in the world. Pinkoo knew, behind this great achievement were years of toil & unshed tears. That his son was a climber Pinkoo was never in doubt, from the very beginning the little brat was all over the place, climbing over pots and pans, climbing over sofas and chairs at home and even over visiting auntieji’s saris, he left nothing which couldn’t be climbed over or sullied .

    As the little boy grew up, he cultivated a vast circle of friends he could use. He also painstakingly learnt the Great Indian Art of all halwais, the ability to rustle up mouth watering samosas . Whenever he had the time or had this urge, he would inveigle himself with a senior, rush to the senior’s kitchen and rustle up samosas.

    The intervening years were marked by such astounding mediocrity that everyone around this gawky boy chose to ignore him. The present unfolded like a long cherished dream. Pinkoo and his son had waited for this day far too long! The world sat up and took notice. “What a flourishing egalitarian society we live in” chimed the neighbours, imagine Pinkoo’s son has made it to such a high post.

    While holding office, the gawky teenager had finally grown up to a slick haired, shifty eyed man with a perpetual lop sided grin. He always made the right noises about martyrs, widows, soldiers and young officers. Smiled like a Cheshire cat during each photo op, and with practiced ease continued to win cronies and influence people, through the samosa route. Though his father adulterated mithais , his son was made of sterner stuff, he cooked up official facts and figures. After years of practice he became an expert of sorts misleading colleagues, seniors why even the parliament? When Mr Paulo Coelho visited this country he expressed a deep desire to meet this gentleman, complimented him for his valiant effort and awarded him an honorary degree for hawking fiction during official discourse.

    Finally like all good things, the Chief’s tenure was drawing to an ordinary end, nothing spectacular!! Very akin to an old British saying “at the end of the game the King and the Pawn have to go back to the same box”. This angst drove him at Pinkoo’s behest to prove once again that he was a climber after all and would not fade away with a whimper. He chose the tallest building in Colaba to settle down,

    Which he all along knew had a colourful past and hopefully a prominent future .It was sweet retribution, after all the years of doubt, jibes regarding their quality of mithai and his climbing abilities. They were moving up in life to a better neighbourhood??

    Last heard Pinkoo and his son were waiting for an auspicious day to hold the grihpravesh ceremony of their new apartment in Adarsh Society in Colaba. Preparations are on in full swing to serve that mouth watering savory called samosa and generally look down at people from the thirty first floor. Ahem!!!
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