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    Russian-made TOR-M2KM surface-to-air defense missile system mounted on 8x8 TATA truck chassis

    Tor-M2KM is an highly effective and reliable air defense system against moving guided air targets, flying bombs, cruise missiles, aircraft, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles. Equipped with modern processing systems and radars, the Tor-M2KM can detect and process up to 144 target tracks, simultaneously track up to 14 most dangerous targets and simultaneously engage four targets.
    The Tor-M2KM SAM system has been mounted on the mass-produced motor chassis of TATA Motors providing detection of air targets on the move and their firing at short halt. The system was displayed for the first time at international air show MAKS-2013 in August. In October, 2013 the Tor-M2KM SAM system mounted on the motor chassis TATA successfully passed trials followed by the acceptance tests in October 2014 at the firing range Kapustin Yar.
    Tor-M2KM is configured in a modular manner which makes it possible to arrange independent combat modules (ICM) and support facilities on any chassis, semitrailers, trailers or HMVs of appropriate load-carrying capacity. The defense system can also act as a stand-alone system. The ICM incorporates computers, radars, optical devices, missiles, operator compartment, primary and backup power supply sources with its own fuel tanks, NBC system and air conditioner. It has provision for three detachable brackets for easy mounting of the loaded ICM on any mobile chassis. Specific design of the brackets enables the ICM to be rapidly redeployed from one platform to another. The ICM redeployment takes not more than 10 minutes and can be carried out by cranes of 25 tons or more. However, to carry the ICM, a platform of 20-ton payload capacity, 2,500 mm wide and 7,100 mm long is required..
    Tor-M2KM SAM system mounted on the motor chassis TATA successfully passed trials followed by the acceptance tests in October 2014 at the firing range Kapustin Yar
    ICM is not connected to the platform through mechanical or hydraulic drives or electrical network. It has its own gas-turbine unit (GTU) providing the required power. Only 60 seconds are needed for the GTU to reach the optimum operating conditions and it takes around 3 minutes to get the ICM ready for combat operations.
    The ICM can be deployed on rooftops, unaccessible areas, on trailers - semitrailers, railway platforms and even low-tonnage vessels. These new features enable to significantly expand functionality of the system, provide air defence for different armed forces, critical state, military and industrial sites, metropolises, specific applications such as international sports events against impending terrorist air attacks.

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    Watch from 35:45 for an entire battery based on Tata Chassis.

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